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Apple In Your Eye (妹妹)Episode 7


Zhou Ji Wei remembered that she came across a newspaper article about old style dating poem. That was the standard procedure of dating during the olden time. Interestingly, she imagined that her partner is Dai Yao Qi. Back to the present, Ji Wei was struck in the middle between Yuan Fang and Dai Yao Qi at the Family mart. Note: The love rivals met each other. 

Dai Yao Qi appeared to be very angry and left with the abandoned dog. Ji Wei left Yuan Fang at the Family mart and chased after Dai Yao Qi. However, he took a cab immediately and ignored Ji Wei. Soon, he was asked to alight because of the smell of the abandoned dog. Feeling depressed, Dai Yao Qi sighed deeply at the thought of being "abandoned". The next day, Ji Wei bathe the dog while Dai Yao Qi was looking at her. There was something weird about Dai Yao Qi behavior. Ji Wei suspect that he is jeolous because of the incident but she immediately brushes it off as thinking too much. 

Ji Wei return home for reunion dinner. Her father specially fetched her home. The family was concerned about her love life and kept asking her to share about her "engineer" boyfriend. Surprisingly, Ji Wei elder sister Ji Ru announced about her intention to get married by the end of the year. Everyone was shocked since none of them know that Ji Ru have a boyfriend all these while. After getting over the initial shocked, Ji Wei congratulate her sister Ji Ru. She revealed to Ji Wei that her boyfriend is a single parent, therefore she is certain that their parents will definitely object to their relationship. 

Ji Wei get ready to return to Taipei, her father shared with her about his concern about being a parent. He revealed a secret that he had been hiding for years. Dai Yao Qi had been sending her letters all these years but he had kept it from her all these while. He asked Ji Wei for understanding from a parent perspective and advice not to dwell on it since she has a boyfriend already. The reason for keeping Dai Yao Qi away from her is because he always gets into trouble. Indeed, at the eatery store Dai Yao Qi got into a fight and was send to the police station under detention. At night, Ji Wei heard a noise outside the room and went out to look for Dai Yao Qi. She was surprised to see the bruise on his forehead. He requested Ji Wei to keep this matter away from his grandmother. 

At the speed delivery shop, Mei Jie was very sensitive and paranoid of Zhou Ji Wei. She was wary of her every movements and kept observing her. Yuan Fang came by and passed a box of tangerines to Ji Wei. Mei Jie was looking suspiously at the both of them. She heaved a sigh of relief when she found out that Ji Wei and Yuan Fang are not lovers. However, she mistook Ji Wei when her mother called her and she said that her boyfriend is Yuan Fang. Feeling betrayed by Ji Wei, Mei Jie refused to listen to her explanation. 

It was raining, Yuan Fang and Ji Wei met at the building. Ji Wei felt guilty for lying and asked Yuan Fang for forgiveness. However, Ji Wei was surprised when Yuan Fang asked her," Am I handsome in your story?" Ji Wei hesitated and replied quite handsome. He nodded his head and smiled contentedly. 

Dai Yao Qi spend some time with his grandmother and dine with her at home. He was still clearly affected by Ji Wei "new boyfriend". Soon, Ji Wei came home and the three of them looked like a family dining together. Dai Yao Qi grandmother was so happy that she sang a small part of soap opera. After tucking grandmother to bed, Dai Yao Qi sat at the living room with Ji Wei. They thought about their childhood and those happy moments. Both of them hide their heartache since they know that they cannot be together. The next day, Yuan fang came to the speed delivery shop to look for Ji Wei for lunch. 

Yuan Fang and Ji Wei dated like the old style dating poem. I wondered how does this mysterious guy know about Zhou Ji Wei thoughts? Anyway, they spend a great time together watching movie DVD at Yuan Fang grandparents house. At the family restuarant, Ah Bing ge and Dai Yao Qi suddenly appeared. Apparently, they had followed the both of them all these while. Ah Bing ge interrogated Yuan Fang background and asked him why did he like Zhou Ji Wei while acting like a concerned brother. Dai Yao Qi listened attentively to Yuan Fang description about why he like Ji Wei. It seems like Yuan Fang really like Ji Wei but she still thought that they are just acting like a couple. 

Yuan Fang walk Ji Wei home while holding hands. On the other hand, Ah Bing ge had a drink with Dai Yao Qi and both of them had a heart to heart conversation. Ah Bing ge noticed that Dai Yao Qi does not only want to be Ji Wei "brother". He asked Dai Yao Qi to closed his eyes and imagine that Yuan Fang and Ji Wei kisses and what is his reaction. Dai Yao Qi could not stand it and sulk at the thought of them kissing. To hide his feeling, Dai Yao Qi immediately walked away. Ah Bing ge asked him why did he want to be Ji Wei brother, he replied because siblings can be forever. However, Ah Bing ge disagreed since he had lost his sister. He advice Dai Yao Qi to treasure the present. 

Both Dai Yao Qi and Zhou Ji Wei lie on the bed deep in thoughts. Dai Yao Qi contact Shao min for comfort and on the other hand, Yuan Fang asked for a date with Ji Wei. The next day, Ji Wei wore a pair of shorts for the date. Dai Yao Qi noticed and instructed her to change her shorts. He looked displeased that Zhou Ji Wei is going for a date. After Ji Wei left the house, Dai Yao Qi went to the market to purchase some groceries. His grandmother smiled happily at Dai Yao Qi as he closed that door. That was the final goodbye and the last that he saw of his grandmother. The seven sadness is - Forgotten to say Goodbye. 

My thoughts

That was the first time I have ever heard of old style dating poem. I think it was rather interesting to see how this method was used in this episode. Everybody have their own ideal date and how they wanted to execute this plan. It was dreamy to have a date exactly what we wanted. The old style dating method is a guideline for lovers with a few steps to follow. Everything sounds so pure, old school and innocent. In this modern society, do we still execute these methods? Mostly not. 

Dai Yao Qi was clearly affected by the incident at the family mart. Finally, he met his love rival Yuan Fang. This period of time, Dai Yao Qi do not seem to miss Shao Min and only looked for her to give him some comfort from his misery. His eyes only have Zhou Ji Wei and he hide his feelings inside his heart. Not even his grandmother seem to be aware of his feeling for Ji Wei. 

I like the rapport between Dai Yao Qi and his grandmother. I can feel his love for his grandmother and sadly anticipate what will happen soon. This taught us to treasure what we have and not to regret later on in life. Life is indeed fragile and once a person is gone, everything remains as memories for the people that are still living. Ah Bing Ge was right when he advice Dai Yao Qi to treasure the present. We never know what will happen the next second. 

It is understandable why Zhou Ji Wei parents object to Dai Yao Qi and their daughter relationship. As parents, they naturally does things that they think is the best for their child. They will go to the extra mile to protect their children from getting hurt. I know Ji Wei have good parents. They are traditional caring parents that have their children interest at heart. 

At the same time, I felt contradictive about this matter. If parents are over protective about their child to the extend of placing walls around the child to prevent harm, is that necessary? There are things which parents have to learn to let go and not to deprive their child from opportunities in life. Come what may, everybody have the right to make their own decision and chose their own path. Perhaps that is easier said than done. Parents will always be worried about their own children and letting go is also a learning process.


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