Monday, November 03, 2014

Apple in your eye episode 8


Zhou Ji Wei read an online novel about a little girl loss of a pet dog. She asked her mother to write a letter to heaven and mailed into a letterbox. Surprisingly, a few days later she received a reply mail. Who send that mail? Is it the postman or an Angel? 

On the other hand, Yuan Fang was busy with his work and he could not go on a date with Ji Wei. She met Dai Yao Qi on the way home and request for a ride on his bicycle. Grandma Dai was lying motionlessly on the sofa and Ji Wei could not wake her up. Sensing that something bad had happened, Ji Wei checked on grandma Dai and was surprised that she had passed on. Dai Yao Qi was deeply affected by his grandmother death.

A flashback to the past, showed us how grandma Dai had taught Dai Yao Qi a lesson about being kind to others. Grandma Dai had nurtured Dai Yao Qi and brought him up to be a kind person. Despite being poor, she taught Dai Yao Qi to be kind and help others in need. 

At the wake, Dai Yao Qi advices Ji Wei to remember to say goodbye to the ones that she love. He had forgotten to say goodbye and grandma Dai had passed on. Ji Wei wanted to hug Dai Yao Qi tightly and give him comfort. Shao Min came back home and hugged Dai Yao Qi tightly while Ji Wei watched from the side. 

Dai Yao Qi had been mourning for the death of grandma Dai. He had not shed a single tear ever since grandma Dai death. Ji Wei was worried and concerned about him. Therefore, she brought Dai Yao Qi along for a date with Yuan Fang hoping to help him to get over Grandma Dai death.

Yuan Fang called Ji Wei on the phone to voiced his displeasure about the date. He was still doubtful about Ji Wei affection towards Yao Qi and demanded her to state that she had got over Yao Qi and everything was in the past. Ji Wei hesitated and declared softly that she had gotten over Yao Wei. After putting down the phone, Ji Wei tried to convince herself that what she said is true. That night, she dreamt of grandma Dai who handed Dai Yao Qi over to her. 

Dai Yao Qi cooked some Toufu dumplings and asked Ji Wei to comment on his cooking. Both of them agreed that the taste is no longer the same without grandma Dai. Ji Wei accompanied Dai Yao Qi while he mourned over his grandmother death. Ah Bing Ge had a talk with Yao Qi and the latter revealed that he is an orphan now. Shao Min came back from filming and comforted Yao Qi with a hug. Ji Wei felt relieved that Shao Min has took up the role to be there for Yao Qi. 

Yuan Fang accompanied Ji Wei back to her hometown to visit her family. Everybody welcomed Yuan Fang and treated him like a prestige guest. On the other hand, her second sister boyfriend was sloppily treated. Zhou Mama revealed that this is the way to treat a family member. Yuan Fang told Ji Wei a secret about his love betrayal in his previous relationship and how he was deeply hurted. 

The eatery store business was bad without Dai Yao Qi. His buddies decided to do what he usually does with the leftover foods and that is to share it on the street. His buddy remembered Dai Yao Qi for helping him when he was injured. 

Dai Yao Qi was shocked when he discovered that grandma Dai belongings were missing. He confronted Shao Min and was upset to know that she had thrown them away. Her intention was to help Dai Yao Qi get over his grandmother death. Uncontrollably upset with what Shao Min did, he yelled at her to get out of his sight. While talking on the phone with Xiao Mi, Shao Min realised her mistake and tried to atone for it when she saw the garbage truck and gave chase. 

Ji Wei helped Dai Yao Qi to apply medical ointment on his wound. Dai Yao Qi took her hand to pat on his head just like what grandma Dai used to do. A flashback to their childhood, Zhou Ji Wei promised to be there for him if he fall into a black hole.

Yuan Fang was back to work in the office, feeling assured about his relationship with Ji Wei after the family visit. Shao Min had finally found grandma Dai belongings in the garbage truck. Unknown to them that Dai Yao Qi and Zhou Ji Wei had betrayed their love and trust. Both of them kissed on impulse and when they were emotionally vulnerable. The ending quote stated that everything that happened in the past does not necessary remain in the past.

My thoughts

Grandma Dai death was very sad but it had drawn Yao Qi and Ji Wei closer. Blue Lan performance in this drama series was praiseworthy. I could feel his angst, shocked and sadness in this epsiode. He feels like a lost child that was abandoned by someone close to him. I could empathise and connect with his feeling of loss and sadness. In life, we all went through the heartache that Dai Yao Qi went through. 

Just as everyone anticipated, Yuan Fang and Shao Min will be hurt and betray by their love ones. I supposed Yuan Fang will be unable to handle it if he find out about Ji Wei lingering feelings for Dai Yao Qi. I sympathize with him if the story that he told Ji Wei was true and that he was indeed betrayed by his ex girlfriend. On the other hand, Shao Min was pitiful to be used by Yao Qi as a means to divert all his emotions for Ji Wei to her. Perhaps, there is really no right or wrong in love. There are times when we could not control our feelings despite trying so hard to get over it.

Dai Yao Qi and Zhou Ji Wei went through thick and thin together in life. They know each other very well and love each other deeply. Although it sounds cruel, Yuan Fang and Shao Min must face the truth and get over their feelings for their love. No matter how Dai Yao Qi and Zhou Ji Wei tried to hide their feelings, they could never lie to themselves.

Many things in life is unexpected and unpredictable. Just like the sudden passing of Grandma Dai. I have learned a few philosophy about life from this Taiwanese drama series. One of it is to treasure what we have and remember to say goodbye to our love ones. Love is not solely about procession, it is also about learning to let go when the time comes. Believing that our loved ones will be happy in the other world.


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