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Apple in your eye episode 9


Zhou Ji Wei remembered a story which her father told her before. It was about a person that mailed a letter overseas to the recipient at the other side of the world. It touched the heart of the recipient of this letter as she did not expect someone to care about her. Back to the present, Ji Wei and Yao Qi were kissing passionately. Suddenly, Jj Wei pulled away from Yao Qi when she realized the mistake. She frantically apologized for the mistake and backed away. Yao Qi replied that he is to be blamed and advise Ji Wei to move out of the house. 

However, Ji Wei told Him that she want to fall into the dark hole with him. At this moment, Shao Min came back with a bag of Grandma Dai belongings. Yao Qi was not appease by Shao Min effort, he left the house solemnly. Shao Min demanded to know what happen after she left. Ji Wei told Shao Min that her love is too selfish and if she is unable to love Yao Qi wholeheartedly, she should return him back to her. Shao Qi was angered by Ji Wei comments and challenged her to gain the heart of Yao Qi.

In the room, Shao Min accidentally found a wedding ring box among the clothes in the wardrobe. Thinking that Yao Qi wanted to proposed to her, Shao Min smiled happily to herself. On the other hand, Ji Wei made a phone call back home and it seems that her parents were pleased with her "boyfriend" architect Yuan Fang. Suddenly, Ji Wei remembered about the promise which he made with Yuan Fang and she felt guilty. 

The next day, Shao Min presented the wedding ring in front of Ji Wei and asked Yao Qi to put on the ring for her. Ji Wei was surprised to see the wedding ring and stumbled while dashing out of the house. The small bottle of Yao Qi broken tooth dropped out of her bag and she immediately tried to hide inside her bag. At the park, Yao Qi looked at the old ladies working out and was reminded of what her grandmother taught him to be a kind person. Yao Qi was deep in thoughts.

Dai Yao Qi decided not to deceive Shao Min and initiate a breakup. Shao Min was just a part of Dai Yao Qi and Zhou Ji Wei memories. Devastated, Shao Min refused to accept the truth and blamed Yao Qi for being a jerk. On the other hand, Ji Wei was distracted during work after that incident. Mei Jie was not happy with her work performances. 

After the confession Dai Yao Qi had made to Shao Min, he packed his bag and left the house with the puppy. Ji Wei wanted to confess to Yuan Fang that she does not like him that much. Therefore, she waited at the workplace building. Yuan Fang met Ji Wei and asked her what she wants to say to him. Sensing that Yuan Fang had not been sleeping for a day because he was wearing the same shirt, Ji Wei was surprised to know that he had work overnight for a project. Ji Wei was afraid to hurt him at this time, thus she decided not to disclose her thoughts for now. 

Yuan Fang and Ji Wei went for a date at a restuarant. Ji Wei hesitated to express her thoughts. On the way home, Yuan Fang dozed off. While resting on his bed, Yuan Fang played a prank on her. Ji Wei was shocked and managed to break free from Yuan Fang.

Shao Min was heartbroken after the breakup with Yao Qi. She drunk a lot of alcohol and Ji Wei escorted her home. The two of them had a heart to heart talk to lashed out their thoughts and feelings. Ji Wei was guilty and upset for hurting Shao Min. Dai Yao Qi felt terrible and self-reproach for hurting Shao Min. He had promised to disappear from Shao Min sight. Before he left, he met up with Ah bing ge and asked him to look after the puppy (Mei Mei) while he is not around. Ah bing ge advice Dai Yao Qi to cherish the present and love a person wholeheartedly. 

Shao Min looked for Xiao Mi at the jewellery shop. He was promoting a ring and package it as a ring of courage to a customer while Shao Min watches at the side. Yuan Fang met up with Ji Wei with a specially prepared lunch box. However, Ji Wei think that the taste was too bland. Dai Yao Qi cycled all night and arrived at Zhou Ji Wei house the next morning, totally exhausted. After he had his meal, he fall asleep on Ji Wei bed. 

Dai Yao Qi decided to pursue his love for Zhou Ji Wei as he could no longer deceive himself anymore. He kneeled down in front of Ji Wei's mother in tears as he desperately begged her for approval to be with Ji Wei. He swear that Ji Wei will never end up like his mother. On the other hand, Ji Wei revealed to Yuan Fang that she intend to move out of the current place she is staying. Yuan Fang jumped at this opportunity and offered his house to her. Before Ji Wei could respond, Yuan Fang told her that he will pick her up later.

At home, Ji Wei wanted to bid farewell to Shao Min but there was no response. She opened the door and saw a letter on the desk. Shao Min took out the ring and asked Ji Wei to return it to Dai Yao Qi as she does not want a ring that was brought on discount. In the letter, she revealed the story about the cockerel shoes. She admitted that she was lying eariler on and now she is telling the truth to Ji Wei. After that, Ji Wei recieved a text message from Yao Qi stating that they should fall into the dark hole together. Ji Wei was delighted when she read the message. At this moment, Yuan Fang came knocking on the door. Ji Wei was in shocked and told Yuan Fang that she was not prepared. Indeed, things can happen at a wrong timing. 

My thoughts

I know Dai Yao Qi will sooner or later reveal the truth to Shao Min. It was indeed devastating to be  unwittingly drawn into part of somebody else memories. Worst of all, Shao Min was "deceived" by Yao Qi for so many years. I personally think that Dai Yao Qi do love Shao Min before but that love is because of Zhou Ji Wei. Perhaps, Dai Yao Qi did not realize that until Ji Wei appeared  in his life again. That particular incident triggers his inner emotions and he had to admit that nobody can replace the position of Ji Wei in his heart. 

Sadly, Shao Min have to face this cruel revelation from Dai Yao Qi. At least, Dai Yao Qi realize that and decided to follow his grandmother teaching - To be a kind hearted person. He may seem like a jerk,however he never have the intention to hurt Shao Min. Although I felt sorry for Shao Min, I believe she is better off without Yao Qi. I think Shao Min is a courageous lady that is able to overcome all the obstacles. She deserve someone better, someone who knows how to love her wholeheartedly. I am glad that Shao Min decided to purchase the courage ring and move on in life.

Zhou Ji Wei is pretty annoying in certain ways. I was a little irritated by her when she commented that Shao Min did not love everything about Dai Yao Qi and even shamelessly asked Shao Min to return Dai Yao Qi to her if she does not know how to love him. I know Why Ji Wei reacted this way knowing how awkward and guilty she felt towards Shao Min because of the kiss. However, I felt that she should not have said those things to Shao Min. Although Ji Wei never meant to hurt anyone, she need to be more sensitive since technically she is a third party in someone else relationship. 

The way Ji Wei handled her relationship with Yuan Fang was really childish too. The "innocent" look on Amber An face was annoying. No wonder Mei Ji misunderstood her intention. Zhou Ji Wei should have tell Yuan Fang that she does not like him instead of being wishy-washy about it. I know Ji Wei did not have experience in love and she has a soft personality, therefore she is indecisive in many situations. However, by doing what she did may lead Yuan Fang on and he harbored hopes of getting together with Ji Wei inside his heart. That may cause more hurt to Yuan Fang and herself. 

I like the love rivals Ji Wei and Shao Min open up to each other. Actually, both of them were kind people that never intended to hurt anyone. Perhaps, they were fated to cross path with each other and love the same man. Anyway, I am glad that the two of them had sorted out their feelings and thoughts. Time can heal all wounds. Hopefully, they can be friends again after some time. 

Yuan Fang appeared to be sweet and attentive to Ji Wei, however I think he is rather mysterious and creepy. Most of the time, Yuan Fang protrayed himself as a  possessive and self occupied person. He is not a good person in my opinion. Ah Bing ge had eariler stated to Yao Qi that he does not have good feeling about this guy and he does not like him. I have always like Ah Bing ge words of wisdom and the way he analyse a situation. He is always a reliable brother to both Ji Wei and Yao Qi.

Phoebe Huang really deserved an award for being a great actress here. I like that particular scene where Blue Lan kneeled in front  of her and how she reacted to his plead. Finally, we can move on to the next chapter which is for Dai Yao Qi to prove his love for Ji Wei and win the acceptance of Ji Wei parents. 


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