Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Takashi Kashiwabara Weibo update: My pet dog Tono


Hello everyone it had been a long time, I am Takashi. I have open my Weibo account for a year now. It feels like time passes by so fast. 


I am not good in using SNS (social networking service) and blog to leave messages, in the past I could never imagine myself doing that. Although I did not leave messages frequently, but I insisted to carry on is because of everyone comments. I thought of my mircofilm - The happy plan which was shown in the internet during this summer, it was last year around this time that I came up with this script. Using The happy plan as a platform, I started to learn how to write a script. At the same time, I gradually found a new direction one step at a time. This year, I even participated in a China Programme. Starting from last year, i have been increasingly engaged in activities at China. I am personally very happy about it.

Although we are in different countries and were an ocean apart from each other, we can still use a great tool called the internet to connect to each other. Using the power of internet, perhaps we will have more interaction next year. 

To all my fans who have been supporting me all these years, I am very grateful. There is still one and a half months till the end of year 2014, l wish everyone good health and live happily everyday. 

Please give some attention to my pet dog Tono,  because it is black therefore it blended into the sofa background. (Smiled)

My thoughts

Takashi Kashiwabara finally updated his Weibo after some time! His fans definitely knows that he is a dog lover. His dog Tono is so cute and he can't help but post a picture of his dog online. Many of his fans expressed happiness when he updated his blog.

However, some of his fans left comments complaining that Takashi Kashiwabara should have post a picture of himself online instead of his dog. I personally thought that it was sweet and gentle of Kassy to post his pet dog picture instead. At least he is posting some updates on his Weibo account. Based on what he said, it is almost like a miracle that he is using Internet to interact with his fans now. I appreciate his effort to connect with his fans through the cyberworld. 

kassy also wrote a letter to convey his thoughts. Time flies and before we know it, another year had gone by. What have we done? Any interesting event that happened this year? We ought to treasure time and do things that we like. Kassy writing is always full of sincerity and warmth. Hope that Kassy will continue to interact more with his fans.


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