Friday, November 14, 2014

Apple In Your Eye Episode 10


Zhou Ji Wei narrated about the story of Christmas. The childhood belief that if you hang a sock during Christmas Eve, Santa Claus will come at night and drop a gift into the sock. However, the next day the child did not find any present. She was told that a bad person had stolen it away. 

Back to the present, Zhou Ji Wei was glad that Dai Yao Qi had confessed his love for her. She wanted to reply his message but was interrupted by Yuan Fang. He had came down to Ji Wei house to help her with the packing. Ji Wei excused herself to another room to reply Dai Yao Qi text message. 

Suddenly, Yuan Fang came into the room and Ji Wei dropped the phone in panick. Yuan Fang casted a suspious look at her, wondering why she is in Dai Yao Qi room. Ji Wei came up with the excuse to retrieve her sports shoes which she had lent to his girlfriend. She hurriedly left the room and Yuan Fang found a crushed letter under the bed. 

At Yuan Fang house, Ji Wei tried to find the right opportunity to break the news to Yuan Fang. However, she felt so guilty that Yuan Fang was so good to her. Finally, during dinner time Ji Wei mustered up her courage and softly whispered "sorry" to Yuan Fang. Apparently, Yuan Fang had expected Ji Wei to apologize to him. He calmly urged Ji Wei to think about it again. Ji Wei muttered another sorry and told him that she could not lie to him. This time round, there were fury in Yuan Fang eyes. He looked at the handcuff that was a Christmas gift from his company with a glint in his eyes. 

Zhou Ji Wei seemed to have disappeared into thin air. Nobody is able to reach her on her mobile phone. Everybody was worried about her safety. Ji Wei mother thought about Dai Yao Qi plead eariler and was lost in her thoughts. Ji Wei second sister and her boyfriend visited her and announced that they will hold their own wedding soon. Ji Wei mother was disappointed that everything did not go according to her wish. She broke down in tears in front of them. However, Ji Wei second sister reassured her that she will be happy with this marriage. 

It turned out that Ji Wei was handcuffed by Yuan Fang at the living room sofa as a "punishment" for her betrayal. He played the classical music in the background to cover his track. Yuan Fang kidnapped Ji Wei and kept her involuntary in the house. After that he took a train to visit Ji Wei parents. They were initially surprised to see him and he revealed to them that Ji Wei is staying with him now. 

While Yuan Fang was away, Ji Wei tried all means to escape from the house. Despite her effort, she could not reach for the phone that was ringing. Standing at the window, she wish that somebody will notice her being trapped in the house. On the other hand, Yuan Fang looked for Dai Yao Qi to return the pair of sports shoes. He declared to Yao Qi that Ji Wei does not like him now. Yao Qi did not believe what he said and demanded to see Ji Wei face to face in order to be convinced. 

Ah Bing ge heard from his collegue that Ji Wei had resigned and will get married to Yuan Fang. He was told that Yuan Fang had submitted the resignation letter on her behalf as they will get married soon. Mei Jie was very angry with her because of this matter. Ah Bing ge called Yao Qi on the phone and advice him to give up Ji Wei. 

Ji Wei made a mess out of the living room when she tried to set herself free. During the process, she accidentally saw a journal written by Yuan Fang among the books. She gradually begin to understand Yuan Fang. Suddenly her mobile phone rang and she immediately tried to use a tennis racket to reach for the phone. Unfortunately, she was too late since Yuan Fang stepped in and held on to the mobile phone. He gave her another chance to break up with Dai Yao Qi on the phone. 

However, Ji Wei decided to call her family. Yuan Fang listen closely to the conversation. After she put down the phone, he shook his head in disapproval and declared that she had lost a chance. Ji Wei turned around and proclaimed that she was the one that gave him a chance instead. Ji Wei persuaded Yuan Fang to release her and she will not tell anyone about this. Yuan Fang asked why would he do that, Ji Wei replied that this is a crime and he is a smart person with a bright future. He should not make this mistake. However, Yuan Fang refused to listen to her advice.

Ah bing ge and Dai Yao Qi met up with each other and thought of tracing the address of Yuan Fang. They went to his grandparents house since Ah Bing Ge followed them previously. Yuan Fang watches at the computer desk while Ji Wei cooked their dinner. At the dinning table, Ji Wei tried to pursuade Yuan Fang to release her. She talk about the story of Christmas and the lie which Dai Yao Qi said to her about stealing her gift away. While Yuan Fang thought that both of them were silly, Ji Wei revealed that she felt touched that Dai Yao Qi would rather be the bad person than to let her be heartbroken. 

Ji Wei said that Yuan Fang is a kind person, he is not the person that he make himself to be. She also revealed about the little secret about Yuan Fang Journal. She knew that his previous girlfriend is getting married and stated he should live a better life instead of being depressed. The love he had for her is just a replacement and that is not true love. Yuan Fang looked at her in shocked since he had never tell her that his previous girlfriend is getting married soon. Ji Wei admitted that she had stole a peek at his journal. He walked towards the frightened Ji Wei and turned around to unlock the handcuff. 

Suddenly, there was a door knock. Yuan Fang stopped and turned to the kitchen. He took a kitchen knife out and walk towards the door. Ji Wei saw the handcuff was unlocked and she immediately dashed to the door. In order to protect the both of them, Ji Wei lied to Dai Yao Qi. She cried uncontrollably when she shutted the door. Upon seeing her cries, Yuan Fang intended to give himself away. However, he was stopped by Ji Wei who plead with him not to do that. She does not want the both of them to be hurted. 

After the commotion and heartbreak, Yuan Fang gave a phone call to his previous girlfriend. He revealed that he like Ji Wei but sadly she does not love him. Yuan Fang went back home to a visibly tired Ji Wei sleeping on the bed. 

My thoughts

This is what will happen if we allow hatred and resentment to occupy our hearts. Yuan Fang is actually a good person but his perspective is full of negativity. The world that he sees is full of darkness and this explains why he became so extreme after he experience heartache from his previous relationship. It is not a surprised that he suddenly turned into a monster (psycho) since he is emotionally unstable. I pity his situation and i understand why Ji Wei has this kind intention to reach out to him and help him. 

Amber An impressed me with her acting in this episode. I did not expect myself to say this but her acting skills has improved. The key factor is that she seem to have tone down in her acting. Her crying scene is pretty good here, I think the reason is that she have to control her tears in that scene. There were many interaction between Yuan Fang and Ji Wei and I enjoyed all these exchange. They were pretty good and I am captivated by their actings. 

Zhou Ji Wei character is really kind and sincere. The way the scriptwriter wrote the heroine protrays her different layers of characters and growth. Bravo! I like the way the heroine protect the male leads in this epsiode. She rather "sacrifice" herself than to hurt the two of them. I was touched by Ji Wei too.

Ji Wei mother is still protective over her children but I appreciate that she still care  about Dai Yao Qi and visited him at the secret hiding. She does not look down on him and she is just concerned about Ji Wei future. I like Ji Wei father, he is such a good husband and daddy. He knows how stubborn his daughter Ji Wei is, therefore he still doubted Yuan Fang words. 

Dai Yao Qi still trusted Ji Wei despite having to deal with all these blows. Even Ah Bing ge had advices him to give up. Dai Yao Qi relationship with Ji Wei runs deep, therefore he believe in Ji Wei strongly. The love story between Ji Wei sister and her boyfriend is interesting. Since Ji Wei mother have to give her blessing to the two of them. We can see that her second sister is strong headed and will proceed with the wedding plan no matter what. Their mother have already accepted this son-in-law despite having her own set of expectations. At the end of the day, mothers will always hope that as long as her daughter live happily that is what matters most. 


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