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Apple in your eye episode 11


There was a story about a group of middle age men still chasing after their music dreams. Despite not having enough sleep, they would never give up. A teenager was curious and asked one of them why did they persist on. The middle age man replied that only when a astronaut step on the outer space then he can see the other side of the moon. Which simply means if you do not try to reach out for your dream, how do you know what the other side of the moon looks like? Back to the present, after Dai Yao Qi left Ji Wei was still held captive by Yuan Fang. 

The next day morning, Ji Wei woke up and saw a sock hanging at the bedside. She open the "present" and saw the key to open her handcuffs. She immediately free herself and ran to the cupboard to grab her shoes. To her surprise, she discovered the pair of cockerel sports shoes. All these while, Yuan Fang stood behind the door. He heard the door closed and he stepped out of the room. There was a note on the table for him. It stated - you are free now.

Ji Wei ran back home to look for Dai Yao Qi. However, he had left the house by the time she went back. There were signs that showed Dai Yao Qi previous presence in the house. Ji Wei was worried that Dai Yao Qi could have been deeply hurted by her words. She searched everywhere for Dai Yao Qi and called his mobile phone many times but there was no reply at the other end. She thought Dai Yao Qi would understand her "secret code" to him. 

Ji Wei went back to her previous workplace and met Mei Jie who expressed disappointment at her for not sparing a thought for her. She blamed Ji Wei for being irresponsible when she tendered her resignation suddenly. She also expressed regret in placing her trust on Ji Wei. On the other hand, Ji Wei could not explain the situation and decided to apologized to her instead. Ah Bing Ge appeared and revealed what happen after that incident.

Ah Bing Ge drove Dai Yao Qi back to the eatery store. His brothers were all ready to consoled the heartbroken Dai Yao Qi. They mistook that Shao Min had two time him with another man. In fact, it was the other way round. Unknown to his friends, Dai Yao Qi was the one that broke up with Shao Min for another woman.

Dai Yao Qi felt terribly sad because he dumped Shao Min for Ji Wei. In the end, he was "dumped" by Ji Wei too. Feeling doubtful, Dai Yao Qi recalled about the incident and analyses Ji Wei weird behavior. He asked his friends what will they do if they were trapped in a house with a lion. His friends were puzzled with his questions but still gave their perspectives. He seemed to figured out that Ji Wei could have her own difficulties when she reacted this way. 

Ji Wei was upset that Dai Yao Qi did not understand the meaning behind her words and took everything at face value without thinking deeper. Suddenly her phone rang, to her disappointment it was her family calling to remind her about her sister wedding. Ji Wei suddenly realised the mystery behind her sports shoes. She believed that Dai Yao Qi had met Yuan Fang and asked him to return the shoes to the rightful owner.

Yuan Fang company was organizing a Christmas party for the staffs. Ji Wei was invited to join the party as Yuan Fang "girlfriend". Ji Wei gathered up her courage to look for Yuan Fang and asked him the whereabouts of Dai Yao Qi. Yuan Fang told his side of the story to Ji Wei. He confessed that he had met Dai Yuan Qi and he had asked him to pass the sport shoes to her. After that, Dai Yao Qi track Yuan Fang on the way home but was stopped by the security guards. In the end, he hinted that Dai Yao Qi was killed by him. Ji Wei anxiously stated that Yuan Fang had spun a lie and she is not going to believe what he said. 

Time to unwrap the presents that everyone brought for the Christimas celebration. Ji Wei was visibly nervous as she thought about the handcuffs that was used on her previously. Despite all the suspense, it was actually a bottle with a dollar coin inside. Yuan Fang explained that this coin meant a lot to him. Ji Wei was further convinced that Yuan Fang had lied to her. She plead with Yuan Fang to tell the truth. Yuan Fang asked Ji Wei who she is more worried will get hurted. Ji Wei honestly replied that she is more concerned about Dai Yao Qi safety. In the end, Yuan Fang passed Dai Yao Qi mobile phone to her and stated that he does not know the whereabouts of Dau Yao Qi either. 

Dai Yao Qi was seen seated in a tent with a little boy at the secret hiding place. It was after a heavy rain and the two were having a conversation. Dai Yao Qi was consoling this little boy whose father is going to marry another woman. Having went through the same experience as the little boy, Dai Yao Qi showed empathy and understood how he feels now. He shared his childhood experience with the little boy and encouraged him to cry it out instead of keeping it inside his heart. The little boy asked who is he waiting for and Dai Yao Qi replied that he is waiting for his "little sister".

Finally, Ji Wei reached the secret hiding place and was surprised to see a little boy seated in a tent. She wondered if there is really a dark hole and she was transported back to their childhood time through the time machine. She was relieved to know that this little boy is not Dai Yao Qi. 

When she turned around and saw Dai Yao Qi. They hugged and kissed with passion. The little boy was disgusted by the two of them, thinking that Dai Yao Qi had kissed his "little sister". At such a young age, he would not know that they are only siblings in name and were not related by blood.  

The zhou family were getting ready for the wedding. Ji Xuan was helping her mother to do make up and accidentally made some mistake when her father interrupted them. Time for the tea ceremony, Ji Ru and her husband served the elderly tea. Zhou Ma Ma looked displeased with her son-in-law, while Zhou Papa happily drank the tea. 

Zhou Ma Ma gave some amazing advices to the couple and encouraged them to stay together regardless of what happen. Everyone were moved to tears by Zhou Ma Ma words of wisdom. She knows Ji Ru very well and advice Ji Ru to stick to her decision on this marriage.

Zhou papa wiped away her tears and removed her make up. He stated that she is beautiful just the way she is. On the other hand, Zhou Ji Wei and Dai Yao Qi were struck in the rain. Are they going to miss Ji Ru wedding? Ji Wei adorably stick out her head from the tent, while Dai Yao Qi seated outside the tent. Suddenly it rained and Dai Yao Qi hurriedly went into the tent to hide from the rain. Ji Wei screamed and covered herself using her bag. From the light reflected from the tent, most likely Ji Wei was drenched from the rain and her clothes were wet therefore it became translucent. She screamed at Dai Yao Qi not to peek at her. 

At the wedding dinner, a relative mocked at Ji Ru for being a step mother. Zhou Mama spoke in her daughter defense, standing up for her and not being ashamed. Ji Xuan looked around the wedding banquet in searched for a prospective boyfriend. They were wondering where is Ji Wei when she finally showed up. They were surprised to see Ji Wei dressed sloppily and her boyfriend is none other than Dai Yao Qi. Both Ji Wei and Yao Qi fall sick and were resting on bed. However, Ji Wei woke up and had a premonition that something bad will happen. Is happiness going to last forever? 

My thoughts 

First of all, I have to salute to Zhou Mama for being such a great mother! I was very touched by her words of wisdom to Ji Ru and her husband. Although, she seem to disapprove her son-in-law, it is not because of selfish reasons. She really wanted the best for her children. I am impressed with Phoebe Huang acting skills as usual and she is really one of the reason why I continue to watch this drama. Zhou Papa is simply the most gentle and caring daddy and husband. However, it is "unhygienic" to use saliva to clean a person face is'nt it? I supposed in this case it was seen as a loving gesture. 

I knew eventually Yuan Fang will release Ji Wei by placing the key inside the Christmas sock. I like the note that Ji Wei wrote, "you are free now." Yuan Fang had finally learnt to let go of his past. Intially, I do not understand why Yuan Fang hide the truth about meeting Dai Yao Qi and even kept his mobile phone. After some thoughts, I remembered Yuan Fang confessed that he like Zhou Ji Wei afterall. There is still a part of him that is relunctant to let Ji Wei go to Dai Yao Qi. 

However, we were not told what exactly happen. Is Yuan Fang telling the truth or is he spinning a lie to Ji Wei? I believed Yuan Fang was telling the truth about how he met up with Dai Yao Qi. In the end, he obviously did not stab Dai Yao Qi with a knife. The only thing which I am puzzled is why did Dai Yao Qi mobile phone land on Yuan Fang hand? Did Dai Yao Qi gave him his mobile phone to test Ji Wei? Is it some sort of telepathy? Anyway, I personally thought that Dai Yao Qi was patiently waiting for Ji Wei and he is confident that Ji Wei will eventually find him.

I like the way all the stories were interlinked to the short story told at the beginning of each episode. There is always the moral of the story for viewers to reflect on. Zhou Ji Wei tries hard to reach her dream and never give up in the process to search for her own happiness. On the other hand, I am quite surprise that Dai Yao Qi know Ji Wei so well. He even accurately deduced that Ji Wei must have her own difficulties. In conclusion, the whole cast did well in their respective role and the story progresses pretty well despite being a little repetitive at times.


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