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Apple in your eye episode 12


The story begins with an illustration about houses. This is Zhou Ji Wei house and that is Dai Yao Qi house. There are some people who do not have a roof over their heads. The people who help these homeless people built the houses can come from all walks of life. 

Back to the present, Dai Yao Qi was helping an old lady to repair the rooftop. Zhou Ji Wei was assisting him at the side. After fixing the the rooftop, the both of them went back home together. Zhou Ji Wei requested Dai Yao Qi to carry her during their wedding day. Dai Yao Qi teasingly said that she is too heavy to be carried.

Zhou Mama have been waiting at the doorsteps for the lovebirds. Yao Qi held Ji Wei hand and went in. Zhou Mama had seven rules and regulations for the couple to oblige if they want to be together. In order to gain Zhou Mama approval for this relationship, Yao Qi agreed to follow the rules. With that, the lovebirds started a new life as a couple cohabiting together. 

They were happy to be together, and were passionately in love. There was once, the couple rolled on the bed kissing passionately. Suddenly, Yao Qi remembered that he had promised Ji Wei mother to think about his action again. He had to think from the perspectives of Ji Wei brother. If he is Ji Wei brother, would he allow other people to do this to his sister? Therefore, Yao Qi forced himself to stop and Ji Wei was puzzled about this matter.

In order to save more money, Dai Yao Qi decided to withdraw his shares from the eatery store to the dismay of his business partners. He went for a interview and found a job as a insurance agent but was not happy. On the other hand, Ji Wei confided in Mei Jie about Dai Yao Qi weird behavior and wondered is it that she is not attractive as a woman.  Mei Jie revealed her thoughts during dinner. She revealed that she has been jealous of Ji Wei all these while. She advices Ji Wei to grab hold of his man and live happily ever after. Unlike herself who could only be envious of other people happiness and be engrossed in her fantasy world.

Dai Yao Qi resorted to asking his friend for favour in order to achieve an insurance deal. He felt uneasy about letting his younger brother to help him by sacraficing his freedom. However, his brother assured him that it is alright. 

After Ji Wei knew about the sacrificed Dai Yao Qi had made for her, she decided to "compensate" him. Ji Wei was touched by Yao Qi love for her and initiate a intimate relationship with him. The both of them continued to live like a newly wedded couple. 

The couple have a gathering with the brothers in the eatery store. It was a farewell dinner and everyone showed their support for older brother Dai Yao Qi. One day, Dai Yao Qi received a letter about the debts his father had left behind. He gave a phone call to the debt agency and was informed of his father death. Apparently, his father had incurred too much debts and choose to commit suicide.

Ji Wei mother came for a surprise visit, the couple were shocked and jumped out of the bed. Zhou mama inspect the house and discovered that her daughter is sharing her bed with Dai Yao Qi. She angrily demanded Ji Wei to move out. Dai Yao Qi showed her his bank account and promised to marry Ji Wei. 

Ji Wei revealed to Mei Jie that she is getting married to Dai Yao Qi soon. She conveyed her blessing to Ji Wei. On the other hand, she met Yuan Fang. They were able to sit down and talk as friends. Zhou Ji Wei felt happy that she will be married to Dai Yao Qi soon. However, Dai Yao Qi had something in his mind.

Dai Yao Qi was told by the lawyers that according to the law, he can chose not not shoulder his father debts. He do not need to be responsible to repay his father's debtors. However, Dai Yao Qi felt guilty for escaping this responsibility. He told Ji Wei that he need to be alone to mourn for his father death. He went back to the country side to visit his debtor. He was the old man that helped him and his grandmother. They borrowed money from him when Dai Yao Qi was young. His granddaughter has intellectual disability. 

Dai Yao Qi recalled the past event when he and his grandmother visited the old man house. He felt indebted to them but he had to choose between moral values and having his own happiness with Ji Wei. 

He remembered what his grandmother had taught him to be a kind person. Dai Yao Qi struggled with his emotions as he would have to make a major decision based on his choice. 

Dai Yao Qi went back home and saw Ji Wei waited for him to come back. He hugged Ji Wei closer to his side. After that, he dated Ji Wei for lunch at the resturant. In the end, Dai Yao Qi finally  made his decision secretly. He looked at Ji Wei longingly before he left on his motobike. 

My thoughts 

Finally, Dai Yao Qi and Zhou Ji Wei were together. As expected, they will have to face many obstacles. Is happiness within their reach? Will they be able to overcome these obstacles? There were still some questions to be answered in the last episode. I was actually a little surprised that the next episode will be the final epsiode. Initially, I thought there will be 14 epsiodes. Anyway, I hope that the ending will not be too rushed. 

Zhou mama have many rules and regulation for the couple to abide before marriage. In my opinion, that is the mentality of a mother that worries a lot about her daughter future. Some people find that it is not necessary and Zhou mama should be more supportive of them. Zhou mama has her own reasons and perspectives. She is not unreasonable but Zhou Ji Wei is a precious daughter and she wanted to make sure that she will be happy. Actually, I believe Dai Yao Qi and Zhou Ji Wei will still be happy with their love life sharing bread and butter. However, Zhou Mama felt the responsibility to ensure her daughter happiness. 

Mei Jie finally revealed her thoughts to Ji Wei. She is actually a pitiful person that live in her own fantasy world. She make up a love story and imagine herself as the main actress in her drama. That really sound very sad and I could understand why she is so envious and jealous of Ji Wei. I am glad that they were able to speak their minds and maintain their friendship. However, I felt that Mei Jie may not be the best person to give Ji Wei advice since she is a person that is desperate for love. Having passion in love is a good thing but it is not wise to advice her friend to jump into the bed with her lover. It is unwise to rush into things without thinking about the consequences. Are they ready to commit to each other and in this relationship? 

Dai Yao Qi made the decision to repay his father debt may seem silly to many people. However, I can see from his perspective. He does not want to live in guilt while pretending that everything is alright. He knows the consequences of his loser father actions had implicated many people. Dai Yao Qi is a kind hearted and responsible "brother". He always take care of others and thought for everyone. In this case, I cannot determine if his decisions were right or wrong. 


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