Thursday, January 22, 2015

Things you got to know about Kashiwabara Takashi (Part 3)

11) The women in his life

These ladies were well known celebrities in Japan. Some of them were romantically involved with Kassy in the past, whereas the others were impressionable onscreen couple. Kassy mentioned that he will only date Japanese girls because there is no language barrier. He prefer ladies that are natural and gentle. However, he admitted that he likes sexy ladies when he was younger. However, his criteria for ideal woman has been getting higher as he grew older. 

Among these ladies, Kanno Miho was the most well known actress that was romantically involved with Kassy. She was widely known for cheating on Kassy with another man. Ironically, this third party was the photographer that shoot her bare all pictoral book. 

Hirosue Ryoko acted with Kassy in a few Jdorama such as Shota No Sushi. They were rumoured to be dating before. In my opinion, the both of them were pretty compatible. 

Sato Aiko and Miki Sakai were his well known onscreen partner in Itazura Na Kiss and Love Letter respectively. Japanese movie Love Letter was a huge box office success and popular Jdorama Itazura Na Kiss propelled the both of them into stardom. Interestingly, they did not have spark with each other, despite their great chemistry onscreen. They were believed to be good friends with Kassy. 

Uchida Yuki starred in the 2001 drama Big Wing with Kassy. Prior to this drama, they were featured in a chocolate commercial when they first started out in the Entertainment industry. Despite knowing each other for years, there was'nt any romance between them. Furthermore, they have a significant life partner respectively in their life during that period of time. It was only till 2010, when both of them were divorced from their respective spouse then they begin their relationship. According to their management agencies, they met again through mutual friends and started dating. 

12) Plagued with illnesses 

Takashi Kashiwabara was once diagnosed with serious migraine and shoulders problem. It had caused a lot of problems in his filming. Due to his health problems, he had to quit filming the drama Itsumo Futari de (Always the two of us). He only acted in the first two episodes of this drama before he had to quit and get himself hospitalized. That was a pity since he had so much potential in that drama. It could be a breakthrough role for him in his acting career. Besides, that was a great character in the drama although it was a supporting role. I supposed Kassy was depressed over this issue too. After he recovered from his illnesses, the producers were afraid that he would not be able to commit to filming because of his ill health. As a result, Kassy have to keep on reassuring the directors that he had recovered.

13) A steadfast love that ended in a divorce

Hiroko Hatano acted in a minor role in Cupid's Arrow with Kashiwabra Takashi. They soon became an item while filming this drama. According to Kassy, he prefer ladies that are gentle and have their own dreams. He does not fancy ladies that pretend to be cute. Therefore, it is not a surprise that Kassy would date someone that is more matured than him. However, this love did not have the blessing of the people around them. Their management agencies tried to seperate them, fans were displeased with this relationship too. Hiroko Hatano ex-boyfriend is an influential figure in the entertainment circle, he was unhappy that Hatano had  left him for Kassy. Therefore, the couple were apparently kept "frozen" in the industry. However, the strong headed couple insisted to be together despite all the obstacles they have to face. When Kassy fall sick due to all the pressures, Hiroko stayed by his side to take care of him. Kassy was touched by her love and decided to marry her as he felt that it was his responsibility as a man. That sounds like a fairytale story, however this relationship was not meant to be. Despite their desire to be together, they have to face an unforeseen incident that will shatter their dreams. 

14) Punching incident that leads to his depression 

Takashi Kashiwabra was involved in a punching incident just when he is making a comeback in his acting career. Apparently when this incident happened, his wife was seated in the car. Kassy had a conflict with a middle aged man because he had parked his car at the roadside which hinders the other road users. Kassy had initially adviced the driver to be considerate and move his car away but it falls on deaf ears. In a fit of anger, Kassy lifted up his fist and punched the man on the head. He soon regretted his action but it was too late. 

Kassy held a press conference to publicly apologized to the victim and his family. He shaved his hair to show his repentance and gave a formal bow. Unfortunately, the conservative Japanese society were not ready to accept and forgive a celebrity wrongdoing easily. He was charged in court and ordered to pay a fine. Subsequently, Kassy work schedule were also greatly affected by this incident. His workload was reduced to minor roles in drama and it was difficult for him to bounce back to the entertainment industry. Gradually, he was frustrated with the lack of work opportunities. During an interview, he expressed his disappointment in the entertainment industry and will chose to quit Showbiz if this situation continues. 

This incident not only affected his work, it had caused a strain in his marriage too. He had depression during this period of time and wanted to be left alone. He mentioned that during this tough period of time, his gentle and matured wife has been supporting him by his side. Sadly, their marriage did not last long. In two years time, the couple were officially divorced. 

Taiwanese media had speculated that his wife probably left him due to his bad temper and domestic violence. These rumors were not verified as there were no  evidence to proved that these rumors were true. Both Kassy and Hiroko parted ways in a peaceful manner, without either party speaking ill of each other. 

Soon, Hiroko was married to a soccer player. It was a shotgun marriage and she declared that she is going to start a happy family with her husband. On the other hand, Kassy had reduced his production in filming. 

15) Favorite sports - Soccer 

Kassy recalled that his happiest childhood memories was playing soccer with his father. Therefore, he gradually diverted his focus to playing soccer for his team. Being an "outdated" idol, he had decided to go back and does things that he enjoy doing. Many of his fans felt that it was a pity for Kassy to step out of the limelight. In my opinion, Kassy is not an ambitious person. He would rather live a simple but fulfilling life instead. 

16) Back on his feet and moving on 

Recently, Takashi Kashiwabara  mentioned that he plan to venture into the Chinese market. Some people said that it was too late and that it would be great if he choose to focus on his career in his twenties. In my opinion, Kassy is a person that does things on random without planning too much ahead. During his recent interview, he stated that he enjoyed the job of a scriptwriter. His first mircofilm - The Happy Plan was sort of an experimental thing for him. Eventually, it proved that he does have a huge fan base in China. Although there were people that commented about his haggard look, I still think that Kassy has aged gracefully. 

I am glad that kassy took the steps to attend a variety show in China. In the past, he was seldom seen even on japanese variety show. Kassy always maintain a low profile and guarded his privacy very well. That was a little disadvantageous for an artise, however I think he will not change his personality and his way of doing things because that is the Kassy that we all know. He believed that it is more important to have people remembering him at his deathbed than having all the riches in the world. 

At least Kassy tried to connect to his fans through social media now. Recently, he opened his Weibo account in China but he seldom update his news. Despite that, I think it is great that Kassy have not totally give up his passion for acting. All the best, Kassy! 


  1. I'm Kassy's fan and i'm very very happy when I read these things! Thanks so much!!

  2. I am Kashiwabara Takashi's fan and i have been falling in love with him for about 13years. I am so glad to know about his news for now. Thank you so much for uploading this article. I will always wait for the latest news about him. :)

  3. thanks for the article your had done a wonderful work, i like it a lot!!
    I known him from itazura na kiss dorama but never seen him again in any other japan movie or dorama.

    would love to see his works in the near future, all the best for him!!

  4. How i wish if Kassy will have his official social media account to interact with his fans all over the world.

  5. Hi there,

    Im from Manila and have watched the anime version of Itazura na Kiss and was hooked with the story... Im 25 y.o and I LITERALLY have no fondness watching dramas whether Kpop or Jdorama...not even our local dramas here in The Philippines... but something caught my attention and began searching different versions of Itazura na kIss in Japanese..and found the 1996 version. It aired 2 yrs after my birth date, which was March 15,1994...( well, to my surprise, he was born the following day, 16th of March in 1977)... I was touched with that Jdorama, and was inspired to study about Japanese culture.. To cut the short story so short... I now deeply understand asian fans of Kpop, Jpop, you name it.. there is a bond shared between both parties.. As of this day, learning Nihonggo for me is much easierto grasp for some reasons.. but I believe this Itazura thing and Kassy had touched my heart somewhere and moved me to learn more about their culture... I even thought of naming my future baby boy following ‘Naoki’s’ name... and looking forward to date and marry a good and morally upright Japanese woman..

    To Kassy, if you’re reading this, I just wanna say “Domo Arigato” and looking forward to see you more on screen.


  6. than kyou for this news, however, it's very personal. I hope Kassy always health. Life is hard, every people struggling everyday, if he can remembering all of 'Kotoko's words' he will okay. Or in my opinion, Kassy still stuck in his Naoki's cast. He really need person, like Kotoko in his real life. be strong Kassy.

  7. Hii kassy you are agood man n husband inalways pray to you that you are fine on three..i always see your movies alit itazura na kisss hope Allah SWT take good care of u n yout Family om henelda from Indonesia

  8. Hi everyone I'm from philippines 🇵🇭 it's been a year since its already 2022.. I really like the articles about takashi kashiwabara "kassy"..

    Ps. To all the people that read the articles I hope you're doing good.. Have a wonderful day ahead.. Thank you so much ❤ ❤ ❤
    From pH fan. Arigatōgozaimasu