Thursday, January 22, 2015

Things you got to know about Kashiwarbara Takashi (Part 2)

6) Photo album book - The real Kassy

Takashi Kashiwabara was known for his squeaky clean image. His first photo album book that was released in Taiwan projected a boyish charm. As a result, he was called "Prince Charming" by his fans. 

During interviews, Kashiwabara Takashi acknowledged that in real life he is an unkempt person. He has a casual fashion sense and a wilful personality. As far as possible, he wanted to show everyone his true self instead of pretending to be somebody that he is not. He admitted that he had changed throughout the years. He will never have the same sparkles in his eyes from the time he left his hometown to venture into the city in search for his dreams. 

Kassy is a heavy smoker and he enjoys playing Mahjong. He has a collection of sunglasses too. In the book, he also revealed that he like to read horse racing magazine and watch F1 car racing. However, he said that he does not bet in those races. He thinks that there is nothing wrong with the game itself, the problem is that people used these games for evil intention. 

He confessed that he does not like to travel that much because of the shower head in the hotel room. He prefer strong water current gushing on him while bathing, therefore he will be dismayed if those shower head cannot be compared to the shower head in his house. 

7) Ideal Irie Naoki in writer Kaoru Tada eyes

Late manga writer Kaoru Tada used Masaharu Fukuyama as a model for her manga - Itazura Na Kiss. Many people said that Kassy look like the younger version of him. That could be the reason why he was chosen to be Irie Naoki. According to Kaoru Tada, she was captured by Kassy charm in a drama where he acted as a killer. Kaoru Tada has been visiting the filming set and was secretly having a crush on Kassy. In my opinion, Kassy exude a depressed and cold expression in his eyes. However, Kassy in real life is pretty much different from his onscreen image. He actually has a cheerful and mischievous personality. 

8) The No'where in him 

Kashiwabara Takashi was the lead vocalist of Japanese rock band 'Nowhere'. The band was made up of the guitarist who is his younger brother Shuji Kashiwabara, the drummer and bass guitarist are his friends. Both Takashi and Shuji contributed to the lyrics and music in No'where album. Takashi Kashiwabara thought of this name because their band was formed out of nowhere, they wanted to establish their style of music and No'where can be interpreted as Now Here. Kassy tried to avoid the limelight because he wanted the focus to be on his brother and other band members. 

Their style of music was pretty much influenced by Kassy favorite Britpop - Oasis. During that time, not many people were ready to accept this type of European influence style of music in Asian context. Therefore, their music were considered as raw and mediocre in Japan. In contrast, their singles were met with great success in Taiwan. Critics and music reviews raved that the band had bought a breath of fresh air in the music industry. They have the potential to be further polished in their music. 

Takashi Kashiwabara promoted No'where through this drama Rendevous. His character in this show was romantically involved with an older woman. What can I say except that I felt jealous and envious of that woman? Anyway, Kassy looked so innocent, fresh and adorable in this role. Get away from Kassy! Stop preying on him!!! Lol.. 

Unfortunately, No'where was disbanded after a few release which was a shame. It was unclear why No'where disband since Kassy and his brother mentioned to the press that they would like to concentrate on acting. There was also rumors of contract issue with their company. Anyway, it seems like Kassy was not that passionate about music afterall. It was known that Kassy agreed to join the band because of his younger brother Shuji. 

9) 20th century last pretty boy and its burden

Takahi Kashiwabara kicked off his acting career as a pretty boy. He had mentioned before that he did not like to be labelled as the last pretty boy of the century. That was a burden to him because the audience were only concerned about his appearance and not his acting skills. He wanted to be recognize as an actor rather than an idol. Sadly, he was not given much opportunity to prove his talent in acting. Despite having a remarkable start in the Entertainment industry , unfortunately he was met with many setbacks later on in his acting career. 

10) Famous supporting actor in Jdorama 

Sometimes success depends on Lady Luck too. For some reasons, Kassy acting career was not as smooth sailing as one thought despite the initial success. He was often not given a main role in a drama although he has the capability of attracting viewership. Sometimes, the script that he or his management agency picked was not that favorable to him as an actor. This underrated actor was always playing roles that were either insignificant or being casted as a 'beautiful vase' in a drama. 

Kassy had always wanted to break free from the public impression of him. He wanted to be free from the norm that people created for him throughout these years. The free spirit in him refused to fit into that particular mould. He does not want to be stereotype in idol drama and chooses to take on challenging role instead. As a result, he played many type of characters in his acting career but none of it surpass his former success. 


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