Monday, February 09, 2015

DramaQueen Pick: All about my siblings

Also Known as: Youngsters, Young People and Wakamonotachi 

Cast: Satoshi Tsumabuki, Eita, Hikari Mitsushima, Tasuku Emoto, Shuhei Nomura


Five siblings live together. They have arguments everyday and sometimes even fight with each other. Each of the siblings have their own problems like studying, finding a job, marriage, etc. There are also people connected with the siblings who either yearn for them or are their romantic interests.

My Thoughts

This is a remake of the 1966 popular drama Wakamonotachi, in celebration of the 55th anniversary of Fuji TV. I decided to watch this Jdrama because of Satoshi Tsumabuki and Eita. Both of them were well-known charismatic actors in Japan and I look forward to their performances. I do not intend to compare this drama with other Jdorama with the similar genre such as 1993 classic under one roof (Hitosu Yane No Shita). In my opinion, nothing can replace the classic 90's version. However, I looked forward to this Jdorama because of the storyline which talk about family, love and friends. The star-dudded cast were also the reason why I am interested in this 2014 series. After watching the first episode, I am very certain that I will continue to like this drama. Indeed, Wakamonotachi reminds me of the reasons why Japanese drama has a special place in my heart. Here is the short introduction to the five siblings. I will be writing the drama review for each episode. Look out for the posts!

Main Characters 

Satoshi Tsumabuki casted as Asahi Sato

Age: 29

Character: He is the responsible first son of the family. Due to the early passing of their parents, he had to carry the burden of being the sole breadwinner of his family. He was forced to work after he quitted high school, in order to support his siblings. His greatest wish is to see his siblings living a good life. 

Eita casted as Satoru Sato

Age: 28

Character: He is the second son of the family. He bear grudges on his eldest brother due to some misunderstanding. He was arrested and send to jail because of a crime he had committed. Beneath his cool exterior, he has a gentle and sensitive heart. 

Hikari Mitsushima casted as Hikari Sato

Age: 25

Character: She is the kind hearted only daughter of the family. Her dream is to become a nurse and she soon realized that the emotional baggage can be too much for her to handle. She encountered many problems at work and often seek comfort from a marrried doctor. She has a love affair with this "soulmate" and it sadden her eldest brother Asahi who wished that she will get married happily.

Tasuku Emoto casted as Haru Sato 

Age: 23

Character: He is the third son of the family. Among the family, he is considered the smartest. His greatest wish is to be a theatre actor. He is secretly in love with a fellow actress in his acting club, whom his brother also had a crush on. Being the elder brother, he felt obligated to give in to his younger brother. 

Shuhei Nomura casted as Tadashi Sato

Age: 18

Character: He is the youngest child of the family. Being the baby of the family, his siblings dote on him very much. He is a naive and innocent college student who wished to have a girlfriend. 


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