Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Voted Top Five most Successful 90's Idols

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1) Kim Jong Kook 

An Idol in the 90's under Turbo, Kim Jong Kook proved to be able to a survive this competitive Entertainment Industry.  After a Turbo disbanded, Kim Jong Kook became a solo artise. Subsequently, he grained more popularity through Running Man. Being an all rounded entertainer, Kim Jong Kook acheived many awards and is part of the Hallyu wave. His fan base grew tremendously throughout the years. 

2) Eric

He is a rapper in the korea popular boyband Shinhwa. Other than being a singer, he acts in some Korean drama too. Recently, Eric reunited with his band mates to release albums. 

3) Lee Hyo-ri 

She is a Korean sexy diva. Many young artises look up to her as their role model. Besides her superstar status, she is well-known for being a dog lover. Fans love her down to earth image. Even marriage does not hinder her career as an artise. 

4) Kangta

I am not very familar with Kangta. However, I know him as a solo artise rather than being part of an idol group in the 90's. It is remarkable that this guy had became the managing director of SM Entertainment. 

5) Eun Ji-Won

I did not know that Eun Ji-Won was an idol during the 90's. However, I am not surprised since he is quite good looking even now when I see him on television. He had indeed aged gracefully throughout the years based on the video clips and photographs shown. He is now hosting a variety show - Human Condition.


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