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Drama Review: All about my Siblings Episode 1

Drama Recap: Marriage is not irrational 

Asahi and his siblings were discussing about the social issue of premarital sex. They debated over the moral value of the society and the consequences of premarital sex. Asahi declared that he is against shotgun marriage as he claimed to be a traditional and conservative man. His siblings teased Tadashi for being a virgin. Halfway through the urguement, the focus suddenly turned to their sister Hikari regarding the issue of blind date. In the mist of all the wrestling and chaos,  Hikari declared that she was attached to the surprise of her brothers. When probe further, Hiraki refused to reveal the identity of her mysterious boyfriend.

Asahi has a girlfriend that works at a eatery store near his workplace at the construction site. Her name is Azusa Sawabe (Yu Aoi), 25 years old. Asahi and his boss went to the eatery store to order foods. The boss saw through the relationship between them and was very blunt in his speech. Asahi tried to hide the truth but it can't escape his boss eyes. Despite working for the boss for 15 years, Asahi seem to be quite distant from his boss. On the surface they only maintain friendliness and the boss knew Asahi father years ago too. 

Azusa and Asahi were happily dating at a theme park, suddenly Azusa revealed to Asahi that she is pregnant now. Asahi mind went blank and was loss for words. He is not prepared to be a father and is financially unstable.

Asahi confined in his friend Shinjo (Hidetaka Yoshioka) about his dilemma of keeping the baby or request Azusa to opt for an abortion. Shinjo questioned him how much he knows about Azusa and he was stunned. Arashi decided to follow Azusa in order to know more about her.

Haru help his brother to track Azusa movement in exchange for some cash. He made some shocking discovery about Azusa secret life. She had some hidden secret which was unknown to Asahi. During the day, Azusa works in the eatery store and at night she work as an hostess in a nightclub. On the other hand, Hiraki was seen with a mysterious man.

Asahi confronted this issue with Azusa the next day when she find him to settle about her pregnancy. To her surprise, Asahi has being tracking her all these while. Fighting back tears, Azusa tried to explain that she had financial issue at home and she was at her wit's end to pay off the debts on one hand, and to take care of her father who fell sick.

She also revealed the truth behind her pregnancy. Actually, she lied to Asahi that she is infertile. Asahi was unable to handle this big relevation from Azusa and he reacted strongly in response. He called her a big liar and blame her for the pregnancy. He initiate to break off with Azusa.

After some time, Asahi finally calmed down and thought about his relationship with Azusa and felt guilty for being a jerk. He was filled with remorse over his action on that day. He knew that he had said some spiteful words in a fit of anger.

He told his family about his decision and had an argument with them. He blamed his sibling for placing him in this situation. Since he had to work in order to raise all his siblings up. Hikari pointed out that Asahi is trying to push the responsibility away and blamed it on them. Suddenly, Asahi turned around and search through Hirika bag. He discovered from the phone message that the "mysterious boyfriend" is their family friend Shinjo! The problem is that he has a family and Hiraki is the mistress.

Being the protective brother, Asahi dash out of the house to confront Masaomi Shinjo. Although his siblings objected strongly, Asahi went ahead with his plan. At the hospital, he confronted Shinjo for betraying his trust and preyed on his sister although he is a family man. Hiraki intervene the fight and suddenly the emergency bell rang. They immediately tried to revive the premature baby but failed to do so. Asahi looked on at the glass panel, deep in thoughts.

A dejected and confused Asahi went to the wrestling ring after he saw the paper  and the ticket that Azusa left with him. He decided to go the wresting ring that he often went with Azusa. The wrestler asked for someone among the audiences to challenge him at the ring. Asahi volunteered and before he knew it, he was up on the ring. It was no surprise that Asahi became a punching bag for the wrestler as he tossed him around the ring.

Here comes the chessy part where Asahi sang the theme song. Azusa had written the second verse of the lyrics to him. The wrestler was astonished by Asahi determination and praised him for his endurance. Azusa suddenly appeared among the audience. She witnessed the scene and cried uncontrollably. After the competition is over, Azusa was by Asahi side helping him to clean his wound. They reconciled and patch things over. Asahi ask Azusa to keep the baby and marry him. she happily agreed and they hugged together.

On the other hand, Tadashi met a girl named Kazumi Nagahara (Ai Hashimoto), a 17 years old high school student. They arranged a date to the KTV lounge, but Kazumi took Tadashi to a lover hotel instead. Tadashi was knocked out on the bed and the moment he woke up, he saw Kazumi came out of the washroom. She told Tadashi that they "did it" while having a drink too much. She showed Tadashi the photo in her mobile phone and praised Tadashi for being good. Tadashi went home feeling good and boasted about this to his older siblings. However, none of them were convinced.

Haru has his own problems too. He is the leader of a acting club. His girlfriend who is also the lead actress decided to leave the club just a few weeks before their actual threate performance date. She blamed Haru for his ambitious and harsh expectation. She felt pressurized and could not live to his expectation. 

The second son Satoru was released from prison. A mysterious lady was already awaiting for him. The first thing she said to Satoru is, "you killed my mother?" Satoru was finally back home. However, it seems like his family does not welcome him that much.

My thoughts 

I like the introduction of all the Sato siblings. Each of them them have individual characteristic. The opening scene about the siblings discussion of social and moral issue of premarital sex. They really feels like a family and behave like friends around each other. Based on their conversion, we know what is the topic of this epsiode. It is funny that Asahi talks the talks, but doesn't walk the walk.

As usual Satoshi Tsumabuki gave an impressive performance right from the start. Although, the way he acted can be over the top at times, he has successfully left a deep impression on me. In this drama, his character has a fiery temper and is obsessed with Wrestling. The way he treated his siblings can be violent but deep in his heart he cares for everyone of them. The other side of Asahi is one that is down to earth and is always riding a bicycle to work. Like his father, he enjoys singing the theme song. 

Such an adorable promotional photo in the magazine! I am sure many things will happen later since we had seen some issues faced by the siblings. In this epsiode, the focus is mainly on Asahi and Azusa. The next episode we will see more of Eita! Yeah! There are some questions to be answer and many conflicts to be resolved later. No doubt, All about my siblings is a highly anticipated drama in 2014.


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