Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Healing Camp: Kim Jong Kook featuring Turbo Kim Jung-Num

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Thanks to KJKGlobal subbing the video clip, I can fully understand the content of the talk show. After watching Healing camp, I was touched by their brotherhood. The reason why Turbo was disbanded was revealed during the talk show. His then company had not treated them well and make the both of them work very hard. They did not earn much despite their popularity.

Kim Jong Kook talked about the difficulties he faced during the interview. Kim Jung-Min also appeared in the talk show and shared about his life after he left turbo. Initially, he earned a lot of money at the nightclub. However, his popularity dropped as time goes by. Subsequently, he became jobless and had made some failed investment in business. 

During the interview, Kim Jung-Min shared that he felt bad for abandoning his "baby" Kim Jong Kook when he is earning money. Gradually, he had depression while Kim Jong Kook is dong well in the Entertainment industry. 

I can feel the bonding between the two brothers. Although Kim Jung-Nam has a lot of pride, he still made the decision to call Kim Jong Kook. Some people said that Kim Jung-Num only remember Kim Jong Kook when he has problems with his livelihoods. I supposed, he also felt embarrassed to contact Kim Jong Kook after such a long time.

Anyway, all that had past has been forgiven. Kim Jong Kook revealed that he accepted the invitation to appear in Infinity Challenge because of Kim Jung-Min. The way Kim Jung-Nam described his reunion with Kim Jong Kook was very funny. Kim Jong Kook opened his arms wide and Kim Jung-Num just went into his arm was so cute! The conversation about Kim Jong Kook eating his chicken breast meat while chatting with Kim Jung-Min at the restaurant was very interesting. Although, Kim Jung-Min said that he did not shed tears at that time, I supposed he is very grateful to Kim Jong Kook. He even showed the text exchange between them in the mobile phone. 

Kim Jong Kook stated that he want to help the people around him within his ability. That was really good of him to think about his friends when he is already a Hallyu star. The host jokingly said that Kim Jong Kook is the rich son that takes care of his father (Kim Jung-Min) and younger brother (Mikey who is living abroad). During the talk show, they made a long distance call to Mikey. Talking about Turbo reunion!

Kim Jong Kook appeared in Inkigayo 90's idols special with Mikey. Bravo!! After watching the healing camp, I am very touched by Kim Jong Kook loyalty, kindness and generosity. 


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