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Drama Review: All about my siblings episode 2

Drama Recap: Return of the second son

Satoru came back to to leech off his family after three years of imprisonment for swindling 30,000 yen.  Asahi asked Satoru to apologize to the victim family but was rejected. He retaliate and sneered the simple minded Satoru for being ignorant of the evilness in this world. The television program serve as an alarm clock for Asahi to go to work. Satoru managed to trick Asahi to reveal the household money. While his brother was away, he stole the money. 

Asahi went to visit the victim family on his brother behalf. It was the death anniversary of the victim, Asahi went to pay his respect. On the other hand, Kazumi told Tadashi that she is pregnant while holding the pregnant test kit which showed positive. Not knowing what to do, he confined in his elder brother Haru.  He confidently told Tadashi that he will help to solve this problem. 

Azusa came for family visit at Asahi house. Asahi was shocked to see her at the doorstep, while his siblings were curious to see their future sister-in-law. Asahi showed his family photo to Azura and talked about Satoru who just came back after serving his time in prison. 

Azusa blended into the family and everyone treated her like one of them. Hikari came back with a weary look on her face. She walked into the house and looked on nochalantly as her elder brothers were half naked because of a childish game that they played. Asahi blamed Satoru for spending all his savings on alcohol. Azusa smiled happily at the siblings quarreling with each other. She revealed to Hikari that she envy all the fighting within the family. Since she is the only child of the family, therefore she could not experience living with other siblings. She pointed out that Asahi love his siblings very much. Hikari was deep in thoughts after hearing that.

Hikari went to Asahi room with a heavy heart. She knows that she had disappointed her eldest brother for getting involved with a married man. Asahi told Hikari to think about her problems and settle it herself. He stated that he will be here whenever Hikari needed him. Hikari was moved to tears at her brother earnest words. 

On the other hand, Haru accompanied Tadashi to meet Kazumi. When Kazumi demanded money for abortion, Haru requested Kazumi to test for pregnancy using the Test kit that he had just brought. Haru exposed Kazumi tricks and called her a good actress. He dropped her a name card before he left. Tadashi was angry that he was deceived by Kazumi. 

Hikari continued to face many challenges in her work. She was emotionally drained and Shinjo consoled her. Suddenly, Hikari questioned him about his family outing and Shinjo was taken aback and quietly walked back to his desk.  

Satoru was back home but he is not finding a job and he spend his time at the arcade instead. Asahi looked for Satoru and asked for the reason why Satoru do not want to apologize to the victim family. Satoru passed him a letter which the granny wrote to him before he was send to the prison. The letter stated that the granny family did not care about her and only wanted to lay their hand on the inheritance. 

Asahi visited the victim family and Takako Yashiro (Masami Nagasawa) the youngest daughter, led him into the  room. He saw the last letter that the granny wrote and the video recorder among the things that the granny left behind. 

Asahi went back home and demand Satoru to apologize to the granny. Satoru retaliate and pointed out that the victim family were in the wrong and he is not going to be sincere in his apologies. In the end, Asahi and Satoru decided to have a brawl and the loser have to listen to the winner. Eventually, Asahi won the fight and Satoru have to apologize to the victim. 

Asahi accompanied Satoru to the victim house. Her children were hostile when they saw Satoru. In exchange for a chance to pay respect for the granny on her death anniversary, Asahi offered the house title deed as a compensation.

Satoru was left in the room to mourned quietly. He watched the video record of the time spend with the granny. His tears dropped when the granny said,"working is the proof of existence. " That was the motto of the granny who cheerfully worked in the field for so many years. 

At the granny deathbed, she recorded a video and stated that she knew Satoru got close to her is because he wants to con her money and she would eventually exposed him one day. However, she knows that the money he cheated is for somebody. At the end of the day, she had lost the game and really treated him like her son. Satoru cried uncontrollably when he thought of the time he spend with the granny and apologized to her sincerely. At the other room, Takako was also mourning for her mother death. Satoru finally found peace in his heart and felt forgiven by the granny. However, he is not going to forgive Asahi that easily. What could be the hidden secret that created conflict between the brothers?

My thoughts 

Eita in the house! What can I say about this guy except that he has a huge scene presence? Everywhere he goes, every expressions that he made grabs my attention. I was touched by his tears when he viewed the video clip. The time he spend with the granny was real and genuine, although his intention was wrong.

Back to the story, Satoru refused to face the victim is because of guilt. Therefore, he tried to escape from this problem. Asahi knows that Satoru need to find a closure in his heart, in order for him to move on and start afresh. Although Satoru had paid for his sin by serving time in jail, he need to seek forgiveness from the victim. However, he used the granny family wrong doing as an excuse to justify his crime. Deep in his vulnerable heart, he felt sorry for what he had done but refused to admit. This is the same situation as Kumiko who refused to apologize for her action. 

Haru proved to be the smartest among his siblings to be able to see through Kumiko tricks. I like the way Haru protected his younger brother. I think Kumiko will join Haru acting club and her presence will create conflict between these two brothers.

It is a pity that the scriptwriter did not follow through Azusa story and we do not know if she quit her job at the nightclub. We also did not see much of her struggle. However, I am not complaining since we get to see more of Eita in this episode. There are still questions to be answered, such as why Hiraki falls for a married man? What will happen to Azusa baby? What is the conflict between Asahi and Satoru?

This drama has an old school feeling to it. Perhaps, it was a remade of the 1966 drama, that it why there is no modern feel to this drama despite being filmed in 2014. In conclusion, the cat and the theme song probably sum up this drama - A simple and predictable story that somehow manage to find its way into your heart. I am sure we will see more of this cat! Meow!


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