Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Takashi Kashiwabara Weibo Update: Chinese New Year Greetings

分享图片 皆さまお久しぶりです。 柏原です。 日本は寒い日が続いてますが、中国の気候はいかがでしょうか? 風邪などひいてませんか?

翻译: 大家好! 好久不见。我是柏原。 最近日本连续持续着寒冷的天气,中国是否也是持续着寒冷的天气呢? 大家要注意感冒啊!!

Translation: Hello everyone! It has been a long time. I am Takashi. Recently, Japan weather has been very cold, is it the same in China? Please be careful not to catch a cold!!

English Translation:

China is going to welcome Spring festival. Do you have any wish or goals? Health, fortune, interpersonal relationship and so forth, everyone have different goals and things to look forward to. I felt that if you have already plan something in your mind, that is the first step towards your goal. Subsequently, slowly follow by second step, third step.... Until your dreams come true. Most importantly is the determination to work towards your dream, face all the difficulties with a smile. Wish everyone a happy new year, hope all of you will be more blissful. Happy spring festival!!!

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  1. Haiii.. Many thanks for sharing this, I've been looking for Kassy latest news but its really hard to find anything about him in nowadays. I'm also looking for his old & latest movie/drama/news/pics but the only place i know is to google Kassy's name or youtube since i dont understand Japanese/Chinese. I hope Kassy is more often updating his Weibo.. Thanks DramaQueen.. Keeps sharing ^_^v