Saturday, July 18, 2015

Jjongah couple episode 1

It was a beautiful weather during summer, and it was suitable for a wedding. At MBC station, the singers were rehearsing for a spectacular performance later on in the day. It was this day that we were introduced to our lovely bride - Yura. She is a member of Girl's Day. They were all excited to find out who is the groom for Yura. With a child photo and a ring in hand, Girl's Day begin their search. They came out with many guesses and eventually decided to search at the Idols waiting room. 

They make many wild guesses and one of the male idol was mistaken as the groom. It is hilarious to see their different  reactions. They opened the door and Zico from B block welcome them with open arms! Wait a minute, is he the groom?  Unfortuantely not, since he was pointed out to have a big nose that is different from the picture. Zico asked Yura what will happen if you find this person? Yura innocently answered we will get married. It was followed by a cheeky response , what about after you get married? The Girl's Day members were shocked and their protective instinct send them away to another room for their next search. Wow! Did Jaehyo guessed it correctly? It is Hong Jong Hyun!  Yes! 

Hong Jong Hyun introduced himself as a model/actor. During the interview, he talked about his character which is quiet, shy and reserved. He talk about his ideal type and revealed that he hope his partner has a bubbly and cheerful personality. After the interview, he was immediately given the mission card to find his partner. He was told to play a soccer game at the rooftop. In order to get the hint, he has to kick down a number on the board. He could only laughed at the absurdity of the situation. It was funny that he claimed to love football as a sport but could not score a goal till 40 times.  

Eventually, he achieved the goal and was given another mission card. That is Yura childhood photo. This time round, he has to go down to meet the comedians. Hong Jong Hyun walked down the corridor of the editing room and was amazed and fascinated by his first experience in the variety show department.  Soon he was greeted by a group of gag queens who were staging a performance at the hallway. As soon as they spotted Hong Jong Hyun, they started to chase after him. 

When Hong Jong Hyun registered the thoughts that they were coming after him, he turned around and ran away. Unfortunately, he was caught and grabbed by these powerful ladies. Hong Jong Hyun could only laughed at the absurdity and could not believed this is happening to him. Well, I could understand his feelings. It must be shocking to see a group of ladies flocked towards himself like the bees and honey. 

During the interview, Hong Jong Hyun stated that he dislike people touching him. Omo, I foresee that Hong Jong Hyun is a ice prince armed with an iron wall. Anyway, he was given the task to contact his bride on the phone for 1 minute. 

He texted his bride and waited for her response. I know he is a supermodel, and he looks so cool striking this pose even though it was unintentional. Yes, I am in a fangirling mode right now!

The Girl's Day members thought of playing with the groom, which make it difficult for him to accomplish the task. While the girls were having fun unknowingly, Hong Jong Hyun was frustrated with their response. Soon, the phone was taken away from him to his dismay. 

Without any clue, a visibly tired Hong Jong Hyun can only asked for help from his good friend Afterschool Nana. They met each other and Nana complimented Hong Jong Hyun for his sharp attire. They searched through the Internet and narrowed their search to Girl's Day. Both of them concluded that SoJin and Yura resembled the girl in the photograph. 

Hong Jong Hyun decided to check on Girl's Day waiting room. He heard the commotion within the room and deduced that his guess was correct. On the other hand, the Girl's Day members were busy arranging their seats to fool the groom and Yura was visibly flustered by the whole situation. During her solo interview, she mentioned that she like someone that is humorous and is able to handle her playfulness. 

Hong Jong Hyun knocked the door and came into the room. All the girls reacted strongly with a loud scream. He was asked to identify his bride and Minah pretended that she is the one, only to be told that he has seen the photograph. Hong Jong Hyun said that it is either SoJin or Yura and he choose Yura in the end. During the solo interview. Hong Jong Hyun mentioned that he knew his bride is Yura when she hide behind her group mates with a shy smile. 

Both of them exchanged rings to the cheer of Girl's Day. They looked so embarrassed and Yura was blushing from all the teasing. Eventually, the Girl's Day members left the couple alone in the room. Outside the room, the Girl's Day members expressed their thoughts about this union. It seems that both Yura and Hong Jong Hyun were happy to pair up with each other too. 

The atmosphere was awkward in the room and Yura kept asking questions and tried to strike a conversation with him. Even asking about blood type and if they have ever heard about each other?That was really an awkward situation! Those who has been through matchmaking should be able to understand the awkward feelings. It is like two strangers trying to know each other on the first day of meeting. 

Yura and Hong Jong Hyun decided to speak casually in an informal manner. It was hilarious that Yura did not realize that Hong Jong Hyun has been speaking bamnal to her all these while. Omo, I can't blame her since Hong Jong Hyun was speaking casually with a straight face. Hahaha. Both of them were so adorable that I can't wait to see their progress in the later episodes. 


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