Friday, November 27, 2015

Return of the Cuckoo Press conference

I was fortunate enough to attend a press conference before the gala premiere of the movie 'Return of the Cuckoo Press '. The organizer did put in effort to direct us the way to the press conference which was on the faraway (ok not so far) Sentosa. There was some drama getting there but thankfully I managed to find the place. Although it was a long walk, I'm glad that I was there.

I was seated at the middle from the back.
Press con
I was seated directly in front of Chilam and naturally took more photo of him than the other artiste. hahahaa
Seated beside Chilam Cheung is Nancy Sit and Charmaine Sheh. 
Nancy Sit is a veteran Hong Kong actress. She is wearing sunglasses due to a case of the sore eye. She maintains her skin really well!
Charmaine lost a lot of baby fats as what she had mentioned before and look very slim. In front of me is a matured and professional actress. I like the way she smiled and answer the questions after some thoughts.

The whole press conference was filled with humor with our cheerful and friendly Chilam and Nancy Sit smiling happily. The atmosphere was relax and cheery, conversing in Mandarin (with a little Cantonese accent). They shared about their experience while filming this movie and the nostalgic feeling since the drama series was shown 15 years ago. FYI, the drama was the highest rated for a TVB Hong Kong drama. Many years had passed and the cast came together again to continue their story onscreen.
Chilam Cheung!!!!!

Chilam Cheung does not age at all and is still so handsome. In fact, he looks better than his younger days. I knew he is a good looking chap and he looks even more handsome in real person. He has his own humor and charm which was prominent throughout the interview. I am really thankful for having this opportunity to be close with the stars and above all it is the opportunity to experience an actual press conference settings which we often watched on television. I would say it is not really that scary or cold as some may thought, the atmosphere is actually quite good. The best of all, we can take picture and video during the conference. So now it's time to photo spam~~~~~!!!! :)


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