Monday, February 08, 2016


I have been watching I am a Singer since it was first shown on television. Every season, the program will feature different artists from Asia. Not surprising, I am anticipating this season too. Unlike many singing competition among newbies, this program gathered professional singers that we are pretty familar with all these years. In season four, we have 8 competitors to compete for the King/Queen of songs title. I am particularly interested in this season lineup. Although, there were some buzz beforehand about the lack of "big name" singer, I am still interested to watch this season because of one person - Jeff Chang.

1) 90's Queen of pop - Coco Lee

Coco has been maintaining her tone shape all these years. Her vocal range and singing style reminds me of the 90's. Despite that, i am still anticipating her performance in the later episodes. I hope to see a versatile Coco Lee. I think her best performance so far is Price Tag.

2) Canto Pop King - Hacken Lee

Just like Leo Ku in Season 3, Hacken Lee was invited to host the show. He is humorous and charming like Leo Ku despite his lack of fluency in mandarin. In my opinion, Hacken is the best when he sing Cantonese ballads. 

3) Taiwanese singing sensation - LaLa Hsu

LaLa Hsu is a talented singer-songwriter. In my opinion, she is always choosing songs that is on the safe side rather than being adventurous. I hope to see a different side of LaLa that makes me go "wow" other than her impressive vocal. I think she is a good singer that can hold her own ground despite the intense pressure. 

4) Korean uprising star - Hwang Chi-Yeol

He is a uprising star in Korea and his style resembles the other veteran singer The One. As usual, he is able to sing very well especially in Korean. However, one thing is different and that is his idol good look and humorous personality. He is jokingly paired up as a golden couple with the very shy LaLa Hsu.

5) Veteran singer - Zhao Chuan 

He is a good singer and his skills is still at top level when he join this competition. Zhao Chuan has his own distinct style whenever he sings. 
6) New Age - Haya Band

Their music is special but it may not meet the taste of the mass audiences. I think their early elimination is expected.  

7) One hit Wonder - Guan Zhe

Honestly, I know nothing about him except that he debuted after a singing competition and his hit song - The night thinking of you. It is expected that the media doubt his capabilities when he joined the conpetition. 

8) King of Rock - Shin

I like Shin since he was the vocalist in his band. In my opinion, his voice is powerful and strong. Perhaps due to his distinctive style, it may be difficult for him to progress in this competition because everything gets old for the audiences after some time. 

Replacement participant: Prince of Ballad - Jeff Chang 

I am his fan for many years and he proved to be one singer that we can anticipate in this season. I was touched when he first step on the stage, even when he fall sick he still tried his best to perform. His voice is a little affected by his sickness but he still pulled it through. A big round of applause to this professional singer! He definitely deserve it.  There is a high possibility that in this season, the winner may not be China singer again.

Season 1-3 highlights

Season 1 have many outstanding Singers such as Terry Lin and Chiyi Chin. Unfortunately, the latter suddenly withdrew from the competition and we are left with Terry Lin,Paul Wong, Julia Peng and Aska Yang against the other China Singers. Terry Lin is a perfectionist and he proved that onstage. 

I like both vocal powerhouse Shila and Gem in Season 2. They were so impressive that I became interested to watch their performance which is definitely worth the hype. 

Although China powerhouse Han Hong won the competition in Season 3, I still prefer my bias A-Lin. This is all about personal taste. A-lin is always good in ballads but had chosen a wrong song for the final. Anyway, I like Hsiao Huang-Chi, Anson Hu and Jane Zhang too. 


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