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Jeff Chang is a famous singer who shot to fame in the early nineties. Dubbed as the prince of ballads, fans remembered his crystal clear high pitched voice. There are people around me who is puzzled why I like a "feminine" man. In my own perspective, he is a gentleman and the ideal type for me when I was really young. I remembered him as a handsome and charming man who is able to sing love songs so well. Recently, through the popular reality show - I am a Singer season four, i happened to watch Jeff Chang performance on television. This brought me back to the time when i was still studying in school and fangirling over Jeff Chang. He had successfully created a princely image and girls were fascinated with the mystery and beauty of love through his ballads. 

I came across this show Hidden Singers Chinese version. Jeff Chang was invited to this program and I was thrilled to see Jeff Chang recollection of his classic ballads over the years. Now it's time to reminisce the ballads that touched my heart many years ago.

I admire Jeff Chang courage to step into this program, he must be confident of his own voice to be recognise by the audiences. In fact, he seem to be venue relax as usual. 

The first song is fire (过火), I love this song so much.  Unfortunately, a "die hard fans" among the special guests invited to the show had mistaken Jeff Chang voice with the other Singers. However, I can immediately recognize Jeff Chang voice the moment he sings. 

The fan love story was pretty touching. It was said that the couple managed to reconcile because of Jeff Chang song Faith and they are getting married soon. Although he was voted as the least song alike voice to Jeff Chang and was eliminated first, he is fortunate to meet Jeff Chang life in person. 

The segment with the female celebrities fighting over Jeff Chang is kind of irritating as they tend to be too noisy fighting for attentions. That is not interesting at all and Jeff Chang look do embarrassed by these ladies. On the other hand, the story told by the fans is much more touching. Especially the fan that brought Jeff Chang albums all these years. Even though he was eliminated, it was all worth it to meet Jeff Chang face to face just as what he said. 

In round 2, Jeff Chang sang his famous hit song - I can't resist you (难以抗拒你容颜). It was interesting to see the audiences reactions and their confusion whenever the singers sang onstage. The male guests such as Mickey Huang was entertaining. It seems like he is co hosting this program with the host onstage, which was funny. 

The second round features another classic song from Jeff Chang - Love tide (爱如潮水). Like the previous round, I can recognise Jeff Chang distinctive voice easily when it was his turn to sing. 

The inmitate Singers came out one at a time to sing. They even prepared a song for Jeff Chang as a present. Each of them shared their story about Jeff Chang which is truly touching. Jeff Chang make a cute expression when the guest said that Jeff Chang is mischievous and unpredictable. 

Round 4 featured a later hits - Love is only a word (爱就一个字). I really have a headache guessing Jeff Chang in this round among all these similar voices. In my opinion, the other singers have a bit of resemblance to a younger Jeff Chang. However, Jeff Chang has a special way of pronouncing his words in the songs. That is probably what sets him apart from the rest of the singers. Jeff Chang is indeed the prince of ballads. 


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