Sunday, March 20, 2016

Who is SpeXial?

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SpeXial  is a uprising Taiwanese idol group. Some of the members are more popular due to acting, while some are talented in other areas. They resemble some Korean idol groups and they are definitely the pin-up boys in town. Recently, Sam Lin was called to serve in the army. Many fans missed him during his absence. I look forward to his return after the army. SpeXial is cute and funky and their music are pretty good too. Next, I have a ranking chart for them based on their looks. This is to introduce the members in the group too.

Sam Lin

Sam Lin is the most handsome among the rest of his group mates. Although he is shorter than the rest of the guys, he has a good looking face. No doubt, he is in Charge of Visual in the group. I think Sam is charismatic and is able to act in drama. I hope to see more of him in the future!


Simon is cute and boyish, whereas Sam is cool and handsome. They are two cute and good looking but my bias is still Sam Lin. 


Evan look gentle and soft spoken. What do you think?


Wayne look gentle and kind. He looks like a cute little boy next door. 


He is the leader in the group and his English name is wes.


Teddy  is the typical pretty boy. He look friendly and bright.


He is cute and pleasant looking. 


Matthew look friendly and approachable.


He is cute and boyish.


He is the new member in SpeXial. 


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