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I first noticed Jung Geun Suk in the polpular Korean drama- He is beautiful. I remembered him as a stylish-cute pretty boy in that series which simply showcase his charisma and talent. He is one of the few male celebrities that I approved wearing guyliner onscreen. I have not be following him ever since he acted in the drama Mary stayed out all night. After he steeped out of our sight for a period of time, he is slowly making a comeback drama titled Daebak (lucky shot). Have you watch that drama. Honestly, Jung Geun Suk had became more matured throughout these years. He had been through the ups and downs of life, I think he did came out strong in the end. Nonetheless, he is a talented actor and I hope to see more of him in the future. 

Jang Geun Suk resembles G-dragon a lot when he was young. Their charisma, style and even features look alike. Especially their boyish sunshine smile and wide grin. It makes me wonder why are the boys prettier than girls? Look at their soft features! Okay, I am super jealous now. :)

If you have not watch Daebak, this is the promotional poster for the film. 

Lee Hong Ki is the vocalist of the popular Korean band Ft island. He also acts in the popular Korean drama - He is beautiful. He is so adorable as Jeremy in that drama and every time I felt like pinching his cheeks whenever he appears onscreen. I watched Hong Ki Korean drama Modern Farmers on television and it is kind of boring. As we can see by now Hong Ki is maturing and he needs a more serious role. He needs another drama with great script and a suitable role in order to have a breakthrough in his acting career. 

Some people say that Hong Ki looks like Mblaq Mir. In my opinion, they resemble each other at first glance but you still can tell them apart after that. I love his cute puppy eyes and beautiful smile. 

Jung Yong Hwa  plays second leads in the drama - He is beautiful. He has more manly features than Lee Hong Ki and Jung Geun Suk. I think he plays the gentleman type of guy in almost all his drama. In my opinion, Yong Hwa stood out as the quiet and princely type of man, beside the mischievous Hong Ki and the snobbish Jang Geun Suk in his pre-debut drama He is beautiful. That is what makes an impression for me and he later move on to the main lead in Heartstrings and so on. Other than acting, he is also the leader of CNBlue. May I add in that Yong Hwa still look handsome after so many years?

How can we leave out Song Joong ji when we are talking about the pretty boy leading men in kdrama? I have watched descendant of the Sun and it is really good to see his comeback drama. I was first introduced to him in Running man as the flower boy. He later left the variety show to focus on his acting career. I like his movies and dramas so far and this recent one is not an exception. Joong-Ki look more toned up and handsome in the drama. I agreed that he is so dreamy and handsome. 

Jang II Woo is a cute actor and he looked more feminine than ladies sometime. He can be so adorable and flirty than you can imagine. I love his drama flower boy Ramen shop and the moon embracing the sun. However, I must admit that I watched the drama mostly because of the main lead Kim Soo Hyun. 

Lee Min Ho is the standard pretty boy for the ladies. Yes, he is cute and handsome at the same time. He did well in the heirs but the story is kind of a letdown to me. I actually hope that this drama will be good. In the end I am disappointed with the script and the unrealistic situation. Despite that, Min Ho has a killer smile and charming features which melts million of hearts. 

Kim Soo Hyun cannot be missed in any Hallyu articles. Many people would knew him as a talented actor and singer by now. Anyway, he is a mix of cute, boyish, charming and handsome all in one. He had many popular drama under his belt and is one of Korea top actor. 

Lee Jong-gi is a pretty boy who debut many years ago. He has soft features but he is really manly in person. I like his drama - two weeks. He is really good in whatever role he plays. 

Park Seo Joon is the recent main lead in Kdrama. Yes, I enjoyed his performance in Love me, Kill me. He is funny, goofy and cute with Jisung. Unfortunately, Jisung is married, he was a pretty boy when he was younger and he is only getting better now. 

Lee Jong-Suk, a model turned actor had make headlines during the premiere of the hit drama Pinocchio. Like his many model friends such as Kim Woo Bin, Sung Jun, Lee Soo Hyuk, Hong Jong Hyun and Kim Young Kwang. He had found success too. 


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