Friday, June 03, 2016


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I know this is way overdue but i decided to write this because i am impressed with A-lin powerful vocal. She is dubbed as the Taiwanese song bird and received positive acclaim for her vocal range. She is one of the contestant of the famous variety show - I am a singer, 

The concert  venue is at the star theater, 8pm. I am glad that i managed to purchase the tickets, although it is rather last minute. Anyway back to the concert, it was a good experience to hear the songbird sing live throughout the concert. She looks good in all her costumes and i noticed that she had lost a lot of weight.

A-lin sings very well and my view is good since i bought the category 2 tickets. It's a good experience to me and the whole night i was practically singing along with her.

I only managed to take some photographs before a security personnel came and stopped me. Actually, there are a few fans who had been constantly taking pictures but they were unstoppable since they were seated in the middle row. Anyway, i obeyed the instructions of no video and photograph taking after that initial warning, after that i continue to watch the performance without any disruptions. 

A-Lin attempted to dance in the middle of the performance and i took a picture at the television screen at the side of the wall. She can dance and her rhythm is good, at least she did put in a lot of efforts.

That is the end of the concert and she sang the songs from the I am a singer competitions. The fans cheered for her despite her loss of the trophy. Yes, she did not win the Queen of songs title but she won the hearts of many fans.

My sister told me that it is good to experience this type of concert at least once, with good singer such as A-lin and Jacky Cheung. I totally agreed with her that it is a luxury experience for our ears and we never regret going to her concert.


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