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The story continue from where we stop from the previous episode. Bok Soon have to follow King Sook Jong back to the palace.

King Soo Jong peek into the sedan chair and Bok Soon look nervous.

The palace maid Bok Soon accept her fate and follow the king. 

Hong Mae accept the money from King Sook Jong to set up a trap for Man Geum. 

Man Geum reproach himself for gambling his wife and eventually lose his wife.

Yi In Jwa tell Man Geum about the trick that the King used to con him. 

There is something wrong with the coin and that is why he lost the bet with the king.

Man Geum is so angry that he was conned by the king that he dropped the rings on the floor.

Man Geum run to the palace to stop the king from taking his wife but it was too late. 

Bok Soon wait in the chamber for the king. 

The king spend the night with Bok Soon, while Man Geum spend the night with guilt and frustration as he can't do anything. 

The next day, Man Geum go to the palace to look for king Sook Jong. He want to place another bet with him to win his wife back. 

This time he proposed to bet on the weather as it is fair. He predict that tonight the will rain. I must say he has lots of guts as a gambler to even place a bet with the king.

Anyway, the king accept his plead for a bet. Man Geum had actually observed the weather forecast as he walk into the palace. He knew that it is going to rain tonight. 

On that night, it really pours heavy rain. Man Geum is overjoyed, however Bok Soon does not want to go back with him. 

She wants to live a new life and leave the poor and sad life that she shared with him. Man Geum is devastated as Bok Soon is determined to leave him. 

Half a year later, Bok Soon give birth to a baby prince. 

Everyone including the court officials were suspicious of the birth of the baby as he is premature but is very healthy. The rumours says that the baby does not belong to the king. 

The queen offer to pay Bok Soon a visit as she meets the king at the entrance.

King Sook Geum is happy to see the crown prince.

This is queen Jung and she is here to visit Bok Soon whose name was changed to Choi Soobin. 

Queen Jang threatened to hurt her child in a indirect manner as she hints that she will take all measures to ensure that nobody can challenge her position and power. 

Concubine Soobin has to find a way to protect her Son from the queen. She secretly plead Yi Soo to bring her son outside the palace to Man Geum and bring back a baby that was died due to the plague. 

Before Soobin hand over the baby, she place a necklace with the rings on the baby's neck. She tell Yi Soo to hurry and bring the baby outside the palace.

Man Geum woke up and find the baby beside him. He was told the baby was his and he is determined to raise the child up. 

Soobin pretend to cry over the baby that was lost. It may be able to deceive  others but the king has his suspicions. 

Yi In Jwa heard the news about the deceased baby and was distracted. 

After a second thoughts, Yi In Jwa realise that things cannot be so simple. He thought that the baby could be hidden outside the palace. He order Sa Woon to find the baby.

The king send assassins to kill Man Geum and the baby. Yi Soo arrive at the nick of tin to rescue the baby. 

Unfortunately, the baby was shot by a dagger. They thought that the baby has died. All of a sudden the baby cried out loud to the relief of Man Geum and the people who protected him. 

Yi Soo left a piece of garmen at the bark of the tree and it serve as an evidence that he is involved in this matter. King Sook Jong figure out that there should be a master mind and he had to bring his head over.

Yi In Jwa knows that the baby is still alive. He ask Hong Mae to bring the baby to him in exchange of money.

Hong Mae receive the money and will run errand for him. 

Yi In Jwa meets Yi Soo at the bamboo forest. They both knows each other hidden agenda and their objective is to kill one another.

Yi In Jwa requests Yi Soo not to be emotional and hold back his shot. However, we can see the hesitation in his eyes because Yi In Jwa is his savior and gave him a second chance to live. 

In the end, Yi Soo cannot bring himself to kill his savior. Before he pass away, he entrust his only daughter Dam Seo into his care.  

Yi In Jwa promise to take Dam Seo under his wing and told her to revenge for his father when she grows up.

Dae Seo cried and promise to take revenge for his father.

Yi In Jwa holds the bitterness inside his heart and is determined to take revenge. 

Yi In Jwa was angry with Soobin for causing Yi Soo death and how he secretly deceive him while she brings the baby outside the palace.

He gave the necklace rings to Soobin and told her to meet him if she wants the baby to be alive.

Man Geum takes care of the baby despite his addiction to gambling.

An old man saw the features of the baby and says that he has soft features and has the look of a royal. Man Geum name his son Dae Dong.

They used the dice to predict his fortune and they were surprised that the baby carries great fortune. 

They were amazed by the child and the old man says that he is surely born to be royal.

It does not sit well with Man Geum as he was reminded of the betrayal. 

He tossed the baby into the lake from a distance.

He was devastated as he thought that he kills the baby. Fortunately, the baby survived. 

The old man whose name is Yoogwushin brings the baby away and calls Man Geum a crazy man.

On the way back, he met Hong Mae who snatched the baby away from him.

In Yi Jwa receive the boy and was amazed by the baby good fortune.

Sa woo is worried about the baby. However, there is nothing he can do since In zhi Jwa is very smart.

The king heard about the mishap and Soobin went missing. He is in deep thoughts about this matter. 

In Yi Jwa force Soobin to pick up three cards from the five cards in front of her. 

Soobin beg for mercy to spare her baby but Yi In Jwa insist to test the luck of the baby.

Soobin tried to plead Yi In Jwa and promise to submit to him. Unfortunately, Yi In Jwa did not change his mind. 

Soobin choose two cards which bears the death mark and Yi In Jwa shoot two arrows which nearly hit the target which in this case is the baby. Soobin cried and plead as she has to choose the last card which will determine the fate of the child.

At the nick of time, Man Geum appears and volunteers to pick up the last card. It turns out that Man Geum can't turn his back on the innocent baby. 

He bet everything he has on the baby and is determined to save mother and child.

Drama queen's thoughts  

This is the first time a Korean drama actually talk about the topic of gambling. It is interlink to fate and destiny. At the end of the day, we got to accept the consequences of our actions. Our destiny is base on the choices that we make. Somehow it has an educational value in sending the message of not to gamble. It's a innovative and daring move by the jackpot production team.

Back to the story, the baby that Soobin gave away to grow up as a commoner is definitely Dae Dong who will be play by Jang  Keun Suk. I can understand why Soobin decided to give Man Geum the baby to raise after all the palace is a too complicated place to live in. Furthermore, the rumours make it hard of the child to be the crown prince.

Yi In Jwa and Dam Seo are bent on revenge and to think that Dam Seo is older than the other male leads. The love triangle should be quite interesting afterall. Anyway, I am a little amazed that Yi In Jwa is so clever and cunning. At the same time, he is so ruthless to baby Dae Dong. I feel sorry for the innocent baby.

This episode has been easy to follow as it clearly depict the events that leads to these situations. We had a tiger (king) and the wolf (Yi In Jwa) waiting to overthrow the king whenever the opportunity arise. He is going to plot his soldiers along the way to accomplish his goal. Things are going to be intense when the children grow up as an adult.


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