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DramaQueen Favourite Mandarin Pop Singer-Songwriters

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These were the singers that contributed to the mandarin pop scene with their incredible talent. Singer-songwriters were the trend in the early 20's. Although they debuted around the same time, some of them were more successful than the others. No matter how their life journey leads them, i still admire their talent in music. 

1) Tank Lu Jian Zhong 
Career line: Pearl

Tank Lu Jian Zhong is a well known singer-song writer in Taiwan. He had a few hit singles under his belt. Some of his songs were used for OST (Original Soundtrack) for idol drama. Despite his early success in the music industry, he spent a few years away from the limelight to recuperate from his genetic heart disease. According to him, his aunt and sister passed away due to heart attack. He has since moved on to behind the scene to focus in song writing. Subsequently, he went through the lowest point of life after his divorce with his ex-wife Mer Mer, whom he had a child with. During an interview, Tank mentioned that he was a bad role model in the past and he tend to escape from problems by indulging in bad habits, such as smoking and drinking. However, he refused to reveal the reason behind their separation.

Nowadays, Tank is actively involved in church activities to spread the gospel around the world. He had released his self penned christian songs and he has been giving vocal training to the kids. Tank had mentioned that he did not have the desire to return to the music industry as time passes by and he would rather sing to the Lord than to please people. It may be good for his health as he tend to be nervous or excited when performing on stage, which may trigger his abnormal heart beat. In his heyday, his signature songs include personal angel, give me your love and if i become a memory. We could hardly see him now, like a pearl that was hidden. 

At the age of 34, Tank is still young but he had already been through many hardships. Tank had matured through the years and was no longer the boyish looking boy that i remembered many years ago. He may look haggard and skinny due to his medical condition, however he still has a good vocal which touches my heart. His career in the music industry can be described as fire works which was spectacular but for a short time. Tank is good in composing music and i love his voice. He is now dedicating his life to spread the gospel. 

If i become a memory

Personal angel

Give me your love

The song he composed for his church - amazing love

2) JJ Lin Jun Jie
Career line: Diamond

JJ Lin is a successful singer-songwriter that is currently based in Taiwan. He have numerous hit singles from his albums such as Jiang Nan. According to him, there was once he had damaged his vocal cord and risked losing his voice. He turned to Christianity for strength and comfort. Eventually he recovered and continued to sing until now. JJ Lin won the best male singer in Taiwan Golden Melody Awards and became an established artiste.

Jiang Nan

JJ Lin and Tank debuted around the same time and managed to stay active in the music industry until now. He is more fortunate than Tank as he has a healthy body. I wonder if Tank has a healthy body, he may achieve as much as JJ Lin does in the music industry. 

If only

3) David Tao
Career line: Gemstone

Many people called David Tao the godfather of R&B mandarin pop songs. He had also established himself as a musician in the music industry. Some of his popular hits includes Find myself. He is a devoted christian too.

In my opinion, David Tao can compose music very well. However, his career was affected by his infidelity. Due to the scandal, he had damaged his own image in the public. Despite everything, i still give credit to his ability to compose beautiful songs. 

4) Jay Chou
Career line: Gold

Jay Chou is the king of Mandarin pop and nobody has yet to surpass his success in the music industry. He has his own distinct style in music which cater to the mainstream. Despite his spine injury, nothing can stop him from achieving wonders. Throughout these years, he had won numerous music awards. He was married and recently became a father to his daughter. He recently joins in the group of Christian celebrities too.

Jay Chou classic songs

5) Lee Hom
Career line:  Jade

I did not like Lee Hom when he first debuted,but i gradually admire him over the years. I love his hit singles such as Heartbeat and All the time you never knew.  He has always maintained a low profile until he confessed that he was already married.

All the things you never knew. 

Bridge of fate