Friday, May 26, 2017

BTS won the Billboard top social artist award

BTS otherwise known as Bangtan Boys really shone in billboard Music Award, It is an internationally acclaim music ceremony. The top social artist award which had been awarded to Justin Bieber was specifically given to BTS this year. I know it sounds unbelievable and crazy. BTS made history and open the market to K-Pop to reach a wider audience, thanks to Armies (Fandom) all around the world. These few days, I have been following the news, twitter and stuff and I must say that I am truly impressed. Rap Monster, the leader of BTS carried the whole group on his shoulder and went through all the interviews and pressure from the media like a professional. He has good knowledge about social media, social issue and is well read.

I love the way Rap Monster calmly replied the questions with confidence, despite some minor grammatical mistakes. J Hope role is always to light up the atmosphere despite any type of situation. He may be awkward in the way he overreact, but he did played his role well. He is truly the sunshine guy in BTS. Jin the worldwide handsome man! Yes he is the third member on the left. He is so good looking and dreamy. Rapmon and Jin are the two strong pillar in BTS. I see how much the members respect the both of them. 

Suga is as usual full of swag. He is calm and observant throughout the whole event. Through all the interaction and interviews, I can say that Suga is the second best in English. He understand but find it difficult to express himself. Jin is pretty good too. J hope and V were pouring out words that they knew in English. Those may not be perfect English but hey they did put in a lot of effort and it's not easy for them to speak in a foreign language since they do not speak that much English at home. 

Some people said that Jimin look sad in the billboard music awards. I am sure it is partly due to tiredness and he was unable to completely understand what is going on. We knew he had limited comprehension of English. However, something that I had noticed recently is that Jimin became more quiet and self-conscious. Perhaps that is what we call growing up? Anyway, he maybe showing us a better version of himself.

I think BTS prepared a lot for the billboard. They must have been overwhelm by the pressure of speaking in a foreign language at a unfamiliar setting, however they managed to pull through gracefully.  BTS met many international musicians such as Chain Smokers. Perhaps Billboard will invite BTS for a live performance next year? Whatever it is, BTS had already accomplished a dream and we look forward to their future venture.