Thursday, November 30, 2017

Movie Gala Premiere: Return of the cuckoo

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As a child, Man Cho (Julian Cheung) was rendered mute as a result of the cruel actions of his mother and was adopted by the kind-hearted Ah Kiu (Nancy Sit). Man Cho grew up with Ah Kiu's daughter Kwan-Ho (Charmaine Sheh), and the two eventually develop romantic feelings for one another. Man Cho is extremely self-sacrificing, has an inferiority complex due to his disability, and therefore feels unworthy for Kwan-Ho. Ah Kiu is also against their relationship and things are further complicated when Szto Lai-Sun (Steven Ma) enters the picture after falling for Kwan-Ho too.

Movie review

I was disappointed with the movie because the story plot leads to an open ending which left a bitter aftertaste when the movie run towards the ending. The actors and actresses were fabulous in their acting skills but the storytelling was draggy and at times it was senseless. If the script writer decided to write the story without a clear direction, i would rather they did not produce the movie after so many years. The whole movie was in a mess and we can probably guess what happens in the end. 

Julian Cheung and Charmaine Sheh lead the movie pretty well through their great acting skills. It really feels like they were brother and sister that had a crush on each other. Other than that, we are not really interested in the life of the other characters which were just distracting for the movie. Even the cameo of Joe Chen and other character was redundant and its not necessary for the development of the story. We wanted to see the growth of each individual main character but it was disappointing that they seem to be struck in the past. Hopefully, the actors will be able to choose a better project next time instead of being "forced" to work on a project that was successful in the past.  

Movie premiere

Free ticket to the movie at Sentosa 


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