Thursday, November 30, 2017

Sechskies 20th Anniversary Concert at Gocheok Sky Dome

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This was the first time i attended a concert in Korea and i was very excited to watch Sechskies 20th anniversary concert. Sechskies was the first generation Kpop idols that was very active between year 1997-2000 and they were supposedly the rival group to another popular boyband - Hot. To the disappointed to their fans, they disbanded shortly within three years after rising to stardom. Sechskies had the opportunity to regroup again through a popular variety program - Infinity Challenge. Since then, the veteran group had succeeded in gathering fans for their yellow note projects in year 2016. The legendary Sechskies members includes Eun Ji Won, Kang Sung Hoon, Jung Su Won, Kim Jae Duc and Lee Jae Jin. 

If you are going to to Gocheok Sky Dome, please alight at Guro Station and the stadium is within 10 minutes walking distance. I attended their Sechskies Fan Meet which was written in my previous post before heading to their concert which begins at 6pm. Prior to the concert, i brought a 99,000 won ticket from Koreanbuddy which was about $120 Singapore dollars. Although i was seated at the third level, thankfully the view was still quite visible. When i looked down, the ground floor were flooded with Sechskies yellow light sticks and the stage was really huge. Even before the concert start, the fans who were known as yellowskies were screaming ' Jekki Jang' which means Sechskies is the best! I may not have the brought the VIP tickets since only their fanclub have the privilege of getting the nearest ticket to the stage, but i totally enjoyed the atmosphere of the concert.  I look forward to see Sechskies live performances and to participate in the birthday celebration. 

Sechskies live concert at Gocheok Sky Dome

I was pretty impressed with the stage design and the sound system of Gocheok Sky Dome was fabulous too. Although i can only see Sechskies small figures on stage, i can still watch their performance on the big screen. The fans were spontaneous and Sechskies were energized during the concert. I was literally swept away by the atmosphere and the fan chant too. Overall, I like and the arrangement of the songs with different backgrounds and props. During the concert, they screened a few short videos of themselves in various roles and images which was a great fan service. One of the short film showed Sechskies in different occupations which were nicely filmed for their supportive fans. In my opinion, the dancers were enthusiastic onstage and the whole concert was in a celebration mood, as 23 September 2017 marked the 20th anniversary of this first generation boy band. 

Among Sechskies, the only active member that maintain popularity after they disbanded is Sechskies leader Eun Ji Won. He is famous for his emcee skills in variety shows such as New Journey to the West and 2 Days and 1 Night. Eun Ji Won is a successful entertainer and he was given the nickname 'Eun Choding' which literally means 'little kid' by Kang Ho Dong. Eun Ji Won is also a CEO of Gym Entertainment and he had a successful hip hop career with his group mate Clover. I was impressed with Eun leader and i think he is the most charismatic on stage. The way he sings and raps is full of swag. I hope people will look past his "Choding" image and take him seriously as a singer. He performed really well with his band mates and i was really entertained during the two and a half hour concert.

At the beginning, sechskies member Jang Su Won did went off pitch a little when he sings. Being a veteran boy band, Sechskies were able to cover their tiny mistakes and continue to give a marvelous performance. I love Sechskies classic oldies and their dance energy. At the same time i love their new image, music direction and trendy dance move too. I think in order to survive in Kpop industry, the idols need to work hard in all aspect. In particular, i like the song back hug from their new album Another light which was jointly written by Eun Jiwon and Winners. It was a sad song which was presented in a semi light-hearted manner. The other song which i enjoyed is drinking problem. It was a fun filled song with good rhythm and i like the way Sechskies kept on jumping onstage till they laid on the floor grasping for breath which was really hilarious.

Label mate Winners were the guests of Sechskies 20th Anniversary concert and they performed my favorite song - Really, Really. 

I am pleased to comment that Sechskies looked very young despite them in their thirties and i can't believe that they were approaching forties too. Eun Ji Won in particular look so good after losing some weight and learning to take better care of himself. Talk about being a vampire in Korea, i suspect Sechskies were eating preservative all these years. I have to give credits to YG Entertainment as they are really good in managing their artistes. There were some similarity between Sechskies and Big Bang styling. However, i would say that stylists really nailed it with Sechskies. Each of them have unique personalities and their clothes, hairstyle and accessories were very trendy and fashionable. Although i like Sechskies new songs such as ' Something special' and ' Smile', their classic oldies such as 'Couple' and 'Comeback' were amazing too. In conclusion, i was very impressed with Sechskies performance. They tried their best to sing and dance, although it was obvious that they were very tired. They celebrated their anniversary with a huge cake and took pictures onstage with a winsome smile. The oppas are really cute and mischievous. Happy 20th Anniversary Sechskies!

It was an amazing day filled with fun and laughter with Sechskies. By the time i stepped out of the concert venue, the sky was already dark. However, i had a fruitful day spend with Sechskies and the yellowskies. Armed with great memories, it was time to head back home after a tiring day. Goodbye Sechskies, hope to see you again in years to come... :)


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