Sunday, March 17, 2019

What is going to happen to YG Entertainment And Big Bang?

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YG Entertainment faces their greatest crisis ever as stock tumble amid ongoing controversies. CEO Yang Hyun Suk is being sued by the Stockholders of YG Entertainment and Civil groups for lack of ethics and morality. We know that YG Entertainment had a bad reputation of being a “drug store” company with the scandals of  its artisties involvement with drugs over the years. It seems that the management agency had neglected their duties. They also filed a complaint against Make Us Entertainment Agency CEO Lee Dong Hyun (Jung Joon Young agency) for the neglect of supervision. In my opinion, it is not entrirely the agency fault as the CEO of these companies couldn’t be involved in the personal life of the artistes. Aside from work duties, I do not see the need for them to be controlling their private life. Due to the outrage of the public and the lost of money in the business, I understand that they needed someone to blame. 

The next question is what will happen to YG Entertainment? I supposed CEO Yang Hyun Suk may eventually step down from his duty as he is also involve another scandal of tax evasion.  The remaining artistes may still continue to work in this company. YG Entertainment spot as the top three artiste managing agencies may be threatened at the moment, but with a good management team they may eventually bounce back to the game and be one of the biggest players.

What about Big Bang? I supposed the remaining members will have to continue to perform as a group of four after they discharge from their military service. Prior to this scandal, Big Bang members TOP and G-dragon were respectively accused in taking marijuana and Dae Sung was involved in a freaking car accident which was technically not his fault. These controversies were forgiven due to the nature of the crime that wasn’t something that was unredeemable. However in the case of Seungri, he was suspected to be involved in the criminal syndicates. Those controversies can easily end his career.

Footage of his previous video with his Big Bang members went viral online as it was mentioned that his hyungs (elder brothers) have an uneasy feelings after Seungri went into business a few years ago. Fellow member TOP even warned Seungri about some of his friends having bad influences on him and supposedly took advantage of his title. Leader G-Dragon also mentioned that Seungri have not been spending time with them after he went into business. Indeed, the greed for money is the root of all evil. That is the price to pay for his wrongdoings. Even if Big Bang remaining members decided to disband in the future, I am positive that their solo activities will be successful. 

In my own opinion, Seungri has a big ego and he always enjoys being the centre of attention. He likes to show off the glamorous side of his luxurious lifestyle to everyone. I supposed there were some jealousy involved and the need to be recognised within his group. Sadly, he did not made good decisions in his life and his career had officially ended. 


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