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My Commissioned Lover Episode 5 Recap

Drama Recap

Gus hired uncle Kin to work in his real estate company, but he was dismayed when he discovered uncle Kin reading a feng shui book while pretended to study. Gus reproached Uncle Kin for pretending to study the book about real estate and criticized his casual dressing in the company.

This was the last day of work for Uncle Kin as a demo singer. He was saddened by the thought of leaving and forsaking his dream. Uncle Kin happened to chance upon the music producer at the lift and he foresee that he will meet with with an unfortunate incident sometime soon. Suddenly, the lift stop its function as Uncle Kin recalled bumping into a child that may had playfully played with the buttons in the lift.

On the other hand, Kimchi held a meeting in the hospital due to the loss of profit. They had many properties that were still struck in the market and Kimchi was worried. Kimchi was disappointed when Ruby informed her that Jing Che only gave three bouquet of flowers to wish her a speedy recovery. Ka Yan gave Kimchi a name card from Jing Che and she was overjoyed that her prayer was answered. She reprimanded Ka Yan for not informing her and gave chase to Jing Che.

Kimchi dashed down the hospital only to find Jing Che car drove away. She took a stroll at the park clenching her wound. She was consoled by the name card that Jing Che gave her. Suddenly, a helicopter flew by and the strong wind blew the name card away. Kimchi anxiously looked for the name card and found it on the tree top. Desperate for the name card, Kimchi climbed up the tree and accidentally fall. Jing Che who came back for Kimchi was surprised to find her hanging upside down on the tree top in a half naked manner. He went to her rescue and brought her down safely.

Kimchi tried to persuade Jing Che to give her a chance to collaborate with each other. However, Jing Che saw through her tricks and declined to collaborate with Chin Chow if they were unable to solve their current problems. Kimchi asked for Jing Che phone number as she had lost the name card. Jing Che went over and key in his phone number in Kimchi contact list.

At night, Kimchi pretended to read a magazine while waiting for a call. Ruby saw through Kimchi thoughts and told her to admit that she has feelings for Gus. On the other hand, Gus was having dinner with his family and probe over Kimchi matters at the dinning table. 

Fun and Gus were watching television at the living room. Gus saw Fun applying ointment on her stomach and asked if the wound was painful. Fun saw through Gus was actually worried about Kimchi and was angry with himself for not being able to protect her.

Kimchi was thinking of how to message Gus and in the end she just send a message about work. Gus who was anxiously waiting for her text was disappointed. Ruby pointed out that Kimchi had hurt Gus feeling by denying their relationship after they shared the kiss. Kimchi was lost in her thoughts as she walk to the window. At the same time, Gus was looking out of the window too. 

Uncle Kin and the producer escaped unharmed despite the unfortunate incident. He related his encounter with Gus and mentioned that the music producer who is superficial praised Uncle Kin for averting this disaster and offered to hire him to a deceased singer house and invite the spirit back.

Gus saw the opportunity and invited himself to the deceased singer house. They hilariously wore the gloves and shower cap to prevent any damage to the property. While Uncle Kin took a call from the producer, Gus went to the bathroom and he accidentally broke the bathtub.  

They thought of a solution to this problem. Uncle Kin deceived the producer and pretended that the spirit of the deceased singer led them to the discovery of the music stroll which was written on the toilet paper. Uncle Kin and Gus planned and orchestrated the whole thing and they celebrated their victory. 

Ruby visited Kimchi in the hospital and informed her of this news. Kimchi immediately connected to what Gus was thinking and was overjoyed. She immediately changed her clothes and rushed down to the airport to negotiate business with Jing Che.

On the other hand, Gus used Uncle Kin to promote and sell the properties at Chin Chow. They were filming the advertisement when Ruby approached them. Gus was furious that Kimchi had acted on her own again. He phoned Kimchi and instructed her to raise the properties from 10 percent to 30 percent. In the end, Kimchi decided to trust Gus. 

Drama Review

I think it was quite sad that Uncle Kin has to give up his dream for bread and butter. He has the potential of a singer but he just don't have the chance to fulfill his dream. Sometimes, that is the reality of the world. It is more practical for Uncle Kin to earn a living and provide for his children. I can understand Uncle Kin disappointment as he wanted to be known as a singer, not a feng shui master.

In this episode, i am glad to see a glimpse of Kimchi thoughts for Gus. She actually trusted Gus and she does not want to start a relationship with him and later lost him when things does not work out between them. It was the fear of lost that prevented her from making the move to accept Gus love. I like the way she confided in her best friend Ruby. They were able to understand each other. 

I also love the mother and son relationship. Fun knows her son very well. I also like Gus character in this drama. He is very smart, resourceful and dependable. The most importantly, he is very protective over Kimchi. The scene where they miss each other and looked out of the window at the same time was very touching. 


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