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My Commissioned Lover Episode 4 Recap

Drama Recap

Uncle Kin Wife had ran away from home, leaving three children to his care. However, Uncle Kin was only interested in singing, thus neglected the household. Auntie Fun came to visit her younger brother and was surprised that his children were only eating cup noodles everyday. Uncle Kin found a stack of books passed down from generations, it’s about fengshui. On the other hand, Kimchi held a meeting in her room and all the staffs were gathered there to the dismay of Ka Yan. 

Gus and Kimchi displayed affection for each other to the amazement of others. Gus peeled an orange for Kimchi and they fed each other happily like a couple. Kimchi suggested to work together with a multi-million organisation owned by the flirtatious and wealthy man Jing Che. 

Jing Che had a reputation of a playboy in the field and it was known that none of the lady he had been with bad mouthed him at all. In order to meet him, many people played all kinds of tricks to get his attention. Kimchi kept complimenting Jing Che and Gus was jealous. Out of spite, Gus and bickered and revealed that they kissed last night. After the meeting, Kimchi asked Chiu Yan alone to stayed back and ask about the San Po house. 

Gus thought that Chiu Yan secretly signed the acquisition deal with San Po and, pocketed the commission. However Chiu Yan had no idea of what happened and promised to help to find who was the spy that betrayed the company. Gus thought that they have to do something to cover up this matter.

Uncle Kin neglected his family and his children blamed him for chasing his dream at the expense of the family. Auntie Cat came to visit the children and suggested to take care of her nephews on behalf of her sister. At the office, Ruby often bullied Chiu Yan. She teased him for wearing pink and looked like Pink Panther. During the meeting, Ruby purposely ordered Chiu Yan to packet lunch for all the colleagues.

At a restaurant, Chiu Yan and his colleagues saw Ruby boyfriend boasted to his real estate colleagues about getting information from Ruby to persuade San Po to sell the property to him. Chiu Yan was tasked to find out more about this matter even if it was for his brother. Chiu Yan went to look for Ruby and was triggered to find out what happened. He met Ruby on the street and started to follow her at the back. The police officers stopped Chiu Yan as he seem to be a suspicious stalker. Ruby claimed that she did not know him. Unable to contain his frustration anymore, Chiu Yan confronted Ruby on why she kept picking on him all these years.

The story begins in year 2008, Ruby brought a back cushion after she saw Chiu Yan owning one in the office. However, Gus misunderstood it as a couple back cushion. In a bid to shut down rumors, Chiu Yan purposely dirtied Ruby back cushion and brought a different design for her. On the other occasion, Chiu Yan threw away some snacks that belonged to Ruby. The last straw was when Chiu Yan wrongly accused Ruby when a colleague found a used condom in the rubbish bin. Chiu Yan was astonished and the police officers suggested that he reflect on his misdeed. 

Back to the story of Uncle Kin and his three children. He went to his sister Yan house and was persuaded to fetch the children back and fulfill his duty as a father. At home, Uncle Kin saw his eldest son underwear and was worried about him reaching puberty soon. Therefore, Uncle Kin initiated to meet his son and explain about puberty. To his surprise, his son was very matured. 

Uncle Kin gave a nun chunks for his eldest son to the envy of the younger siblings.  The eldest son showed his siblings how to play with the nun chucks. Suddenly, he accidentally broke Auntie Cat fortune cat on the shelf. Uncle Kin came to fetched his children home and reassured Auntie Cat that he will be a responsible father to his children now.

Chiu Yan reflected his action and was remorseful. He brought a gift for Ruby secretly. Suddenly, he was shocked to see Ruby coming back to the office late at night and he tried to hide himself behind the table. He eavesdropped on Ruby conversation with his boyfriend and reported to Gus about her betrayal. 

At the staff meeting, Kimchi confronted Gus about hiding the truth about the acquisition of San Po property . Gus tried to explain himself but Kimchi wil have none of it. She blamed Gus for his inability to seal the deal with San Po.

While bickering, Gus blunt out that Ruby was the traitor that betrayed the company as she was suspected to have sold the information to her boyfriend. Therefore, the other real estate agency went ahead of them and sealed the deal. Kimchi did not believe Ruby will leak the information to her boyfriend.

While quarreling, Kimchi was agitated and her wound started to bleed. Gus immediately carried her and insisted to send her to the hospital. Despite the objection from Kimchi, Gus reassured her that he will find another way to this problem.

Instead of concentrating on recuperating, Kimchi tried to attract the attention of Jing Che, the wealthy man. She pretended to be hit by Jing Che car and was disappointed when the person that stepped out of the car was another man instead. Suddenly, Kimchi wound started to bleed profusely as she squeezed her wound. To her surprise, Jing Che offered his hand and sent her to the hospital immediately. 

Drama Review

Kimchi literally worship money and will scheme and con just to get what she wants. The female character was thought to be unlikable and sometimes irritating. However, i decided to give her some time and believe that somewhere in the middle, she will have a growth in her character. On the other hand, i am swoon over Gus gentlemanly and caring attitude towards Kimchi. He always has his eyes on Kimchi but it seem that Kimchi did not want any commitment at all. 

Chiu Yan and Ruby side story has an interesting element in it as they were loggerhead couple that later develop love for each other. I think Billy was pretty good in the drama and he has good chemistry with Krisby.  I hope that this pair will have their own story to tell while they provide all the good laugh in this drama. 

Last but not least, i enjoyed the family love between Uncle Kin and his sister Fun. They were supportive of each other and i can see that Fun really cared for her brother. Likewise, i like the way that Uncle Kin finally realized that he had missed all the opportunities and time with his children. He has been chasing after his passion in singing and neglected his children. Auntie Cat also love her nephews and even offered to take them in and look after them. It was pretty touching when Uncle Kin reconciled with his children and promised to take good care of them. 


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