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My Commissioned Lover Episode 3 Recap

Drama Recap

Chin Chow Property Agency was in deep trouble due to the irresponsibility of their staff. Therefore, a group of people waited outside the building to seek justice for their property. Kimchi suggested everyone to leave the building through the back door. However, Gus insisted to walk through the front door to face the angry crowd. 

Gus tried to ease the fury of the crowds and apologize to them. However, the crowds were not easy to appease. They threw eggs and cakes towards Gus as they demand for a better explanation. One of them even threw a hand phone and Kimchi took the blow for Gus. She was injured and send to the hospital.

Gus and his family were worried about Kimchi and wondered if it was wrong to chase Kimchi away since she did suffered a blow for Gus. Auntie Cat doubted that it was that simple as Kimchi is a Pixiu that is attracted to wealth. There may be other reason why she took the blow for Gus. The nurse informed them that Kimchi only suffered minor injury and need some stitches on her forehead. Behind closed door, Gus and Kimchi discuss about the success of their strategies. It appears that Kimchi decided to save Gus is to gain sympathy from the raging crowds and to turn the focus point to themselves as the victim in this case. After knowing each other for so long, they can read each other intention. Unknown to them, Gus family were eavesdropping on their conversation. 

Gus held Kimchi hand and instructed her not to take the risk for the company again. Kimchi agreed and went back to work the following day. She wanted to purchase a can of coffee from the vending machine when a pilot reached out behind her and brought the coffee for her. Gus who has been standing behind witnessed what happened and was extremely jealous. He snatched the can of coffee from Kimchi and drown it down his throat. 

At the meeting, Gus complimented Kimchi for saving the Chin Chow from crisis and Kimchi in return praise Gus for his effort. They also reproached their senior staff for not managing his staffs well, thus all the troubles. 

After the meeting, Kimchi was unsatisfied and look for Gus to address the problems with Auntie Cat. She claimed that Auntie Cat had flew to an island to look for bird nest and business opportunities for her healthcare shop.  She also accused Auntie Cat for using the company resources for her own business. Gus knew of this matter and choose to brush it off as he maintained that it was not a big issue since they are a family. Kimchi also stated that Gus family wanted to kick her out of the company to which Gus assured her that he will not allow anybody to step across the boundaries.

Without getting the affirmation that she wanted, Kimchi followed Gus into the men's toilet and whispered something to his ears. Gus was excited to hear her suggestion but answered "no" to her request. He would not allow anyone to hurt or chase out his family member even if he was really tempted.

Gus chased after Kimchi and asked her if was serious about her suggestion to go for an oversea trip together. Kimchi replied that they are only going for a trip and nothing more than that. She let on that she was previously hurt by her ex boyfriend and does not trust anyone. Suddenly, Kimchi had an acute pain on her stomach and Gus immediately send her to the hospital. 

Gus met with his younger sister Ka Yan who is working in the hospital as a nurse. They wheeled Kimchi into the hospital and was examined by the doctor. Kimchi was diagnosed with appendicitis and required immediate surgery and care. The doctor causally stated that it was fortunate that her boyfriend (Gus) found out during the early stage to which Kimchi immediately denied that they are lovers. She claimed that they are business partner. While waiting for Kimchi to prepare for the surgery, Gus received a phone call from his subordinate, he informed Gus that San Po, the owner of one of the house had came back to Hong kong. They needed to close the deal as soon as possible to buy in the property. Gus instructed him not to disclose this matter to anyone and he will settle it personally.

Kimchi requested to see Gus to his delight as he dashed in to see her. Kimchi told Gus to go back and handle the matters in the company since he is not a doctor and is useless to stay by her side. Gus insisted to hold on to her phone and will return it after the surgery. While waiting to go to the operation table, Kimchi requested to go to the toilet. She took out the hidden phone and called Ruby. She found out that San Po came back to Hong Kong and she should not miss this opportunity.

On the other hand, Gus was enjoying his coffee and trying to decode the phone in order to sneak a look at Kimchi privacy. Unfortunately, he was unable to figure out the code to unlock the phone. Suddenly, Ka Yan rushed to looked for Gus and informed him that Kimchi had sneaked away from the hospital. Feeling puzzled, Gus dig into his pocket and realized that Kimchi had sneaked back her other hand phone when he got distracted.

Gus tried to contact Kimchi and persuaded her to come back for her surgery. However, Kimchi had already gotten into a cab and blamed Gus for not informing her about this matter. She hang up the phone and alighted at the building. She walked through the dark staircase as she recalled her painful childhood memories. She met San Po and tried to persuade her to sell her house. She talked about her childhood memories on how she was abandoned by her father and younger brother and grew up feeling that money is the most important thing.

Gus who had arrived at the house had been eavesdropping their conversation. He knew that the man that hurt Kimchi the most was none other than her own father. Suddenly, Kimchi collapsed from the pain of her open wound. Gus immediately reached out and carried her down the long stairway Kimchi in her semi unconscious state whispered that Gus can be dated.  

Worried about Kimchi, Gus carried her all the way to the hospital and insisted to stay by her side. Ka Yan tried to stop her brother from disturbing the patient who is resting but Gus managed to distract Ka Yan and went into the room. To his surprise, Kimchi eye make up were smudged. Ka Yan stated that this is a hospital, not a beauty salon. In her semi conscious state,  Kimchi asked if they had brought over San Po property. Gus suddenly realized that and instructed her sister not to mention that he was in the hospital and ran off to sign the deal with San Po.

Gus went back to look for San Po and persuaded her to sign the paper but San Po said that she will consider about it. She then divulge a secret about what she heard when Gus carried Kimchi down the stairs.  She overheard that Kimchi said Gus can be dated. When Gus heard about it, he was overjoyed and did a short dance in front of San Po to celebrate his victory. 

Gus thank San Po  for the information and ran to the hospital to visit Kimchi. When Kimchi woke up after the surgery, she was asked by Ka Yan what she wanted to have for breakfast tomorrow. Suddenly, Kimchi recalled what she said to Gus in her drowsy state. She felt relieved that Gus did not hear her confession.

Gus came by to visit Kimchi in the hospital and discovered that Kimchi was already fast asleep.  He came nearer to Kimchi and attempted to plant a kiss on her lips. Kimchi was surprised that Gus had actually overheard her confession at the staircase.

Gus initially hesitated to kiss Kimchi but he thought it was not a big deal since Kimchi had already accepted his love. He went near to Kimchi and she dodged the kiss by turning away to face the other side. 

Not about to give up, Gus went to her and whispered that he had sealed the deal with San Po. It turned out that Gus was just trying to test Kimchi reaction and he noticed that her eyebrow twitched a little when she heard of the good news. Gus pretended to leave the room and when Kimchi turned around, she was surprised to see Gus looking straight at her. 

Gus knew that Kimchi was deeply hurt due to the childhood trauma and said that nobody in this world can give her security. Therefore, he had given up to be her boyfriend. Kimchi felt conflicted and upset by the confession. However, Gus continued that he wanted to be her family instead. He promised not to abandon Kimchi and will stand by her always. 

Kimchi was deeply touched by Gus and they hugged each other tightly. Looking at each other in the eyes, they lean forward and shared a kiss. Gus laid his hand on Kimchi bottom and was called out by Kimchi for taking advantage of a family member. Gus apologize cheekily and they resumed their kiss again.

Drama Review

This episode focus on Gus as a sweet and kind man. He is courageous when faced with problem and did not back down from any challenges. I love the fact that his name is the same as his character. He has always being the peace maker of the family as he tried to strike a balance between being a good man to Kimchi and a good son to his mother.  I like the fact that he is protective over his family members and took it upon himself to look after everyone.

Kimchi was abandoned by her family after a dinner. Even though at a young age she knew the motive of her father. She knew that he father favor her younger brother more than her and will abandon her at the right time. Therefore, she tied herself to her brother. Even when she was almost knocked down by a car, it did not stop her father from leaving. I understand how lonely and betrayed she felt at the moment.

Gus confession at the hospital was so touching, sincere and romantic. How i wish there is such a perfect man in real life. I melted at his confession and sincerity. Gus cheeky smile and various expressions should be make into meme. Those cute expressions and funny personality make the drama more interesting. Kimchi and Gus had been through so much and build a company from scratch, hopefully their love will blossom. :) 


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