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My Commissioned Lover Episode 2 Recap

Drama Recap

Back to the present day, Gus took Kimchi and his mother (Fun) to meet a client. They knew that the client had close tie with Fun. Therefore, they specially invited her along to close a deal with the client. Fun grudgingly came along as after all she is a shareholder too. However, she refused to have lunch with Kimchi. 

Kimchi accidentally dropped her branded ring into a drain. Gus volunteer to help her retrieve the ring using his tool. He bend down to pick up the ring in the dirty water to the disgust of the people around him. However, while Gus bend down to retrieve the ring, Fun saw the tattoo on Gus lower back. She was burning with rage as she do not understand why her son love a Pixiu (a symbol of wealth). 

Fun was angry to know that her son had taken the shorter end of the stick all these while and all the sacrifice was for nothing. Filled with rage, Fun pushed Kimchi into the river and later jumped in too. She wanted to see if Gus will rescue which one of them. Gus was shocked and scream at the top of his voice.

This is Gus younger twin brother Chiu Yan. He appeared to dislike his curly hair and made a failed attempt to straighten them. Yan caught a cold due to the incident yesterday when she jumped into the river with Kimchi. Chiu Yan chide his mother action and stated that Gus is the only one that do not know how to swim. Both mother and son started to bicker while preparing breakfast. Chiu Yan decline to eat breakfast and sneaked out of the house to meet Gus. Chiu Yan went to meet Gus and while walking towards his direction, a woman shouted, "Handsome man". The lady chased after Chiu Yan and out of goodwill told him that he did not zip up his pants. Gus stepped out to help Chiu Yan with the zip as it seems that the zipper was stuck. 

Chiu Yan thought of the past and flashback to the time when Gus always come out to protect him. There was once he forgot to send a invoice and Ruby blamed him for the delay. Gus saw everything and jumped to his rescue. Even when he made mistakes, Gus will always defend and look out for him. He also thought about being cruelly dumped by his ex-girlfriend Betty. He felt like a loser as he kneel down to beg his ex-girlfriend not to leave him.

Time traveled back to 2011 again and Gus was still helping him to settle his problems. He felt lacking as compared to his brother and a sense of inferiority overwhelmed him. He cried and confide to Gus about how he felt all these years and thank him for always covering his mistakes. Gus advice Chiu Yan to be more confident and have a brand new start.

At the office, Kimchi found out that Auntie Cat was printing leaflet to promote her own healthcare shop. She was upset that Auntie Cat used the company resources for her personal use. Auntie Cat went to negotiate a deal with Gus suggesting to him about using her shop products as a company lucky draw win. Ruby and Kimchi objected to the idea as they saw through her trick as a business woman. However, Auntie Cat said that the company owe her a debt as they tricked her into investing money on this company. 

On the other hand, Uncle Kin (Auntie Fun younger brother) wife went missing and she just dumped the three kids to him. Auntie Cat who is his wife younger sister came to visit her nephewS and was angry that Uncle Kin did not take good care of his children. Kimchi followed Auntie Cat to Uncle Kin house with a hidden agenda to steal a jacket to please her client Brendon. 

While Auntie Cat and and Uncle Kin were quarreling, Uncle Kin recalled the incident that happened three years ago when they just started business. There was once the company needed funding to ride through the storm. Gus and Kimchi held different views about money matters. However, Gus was confident that the fund which they invested will bounce back with good turn over rate if they hang on for a while more. He claimed that he had studied the market and believe in being more adventurous in order to earn greater profits. 

They were troubled with who to look for extra funding for the company, suddenly Uncle Kin thought of Auntie Cat who owns a healthcare shop that was doing well. They decided to create a drama to con Auntie Cat to fork out a sum of money. They hired a debt collector to smashed red paint on Auntie Cat. In the end, Auntie Cat wrote a cheque to help the company overcome the crisis. What Gus mentioned was true after all and they regrouped their loss, they earn a huge profits too. 

While they were talking, Kimchi who was a bystander secretly stole Uncle Kin beloved jacket and sneak away. She also threatened the children if they let the cat out of the bag, she will also tell Uncle Kin that they lied to him about their school work.

Back in the office, Ruby was dressed sexily while climbing up to look for a padding. She accidentally slipped on her high heels shoes and Chiu Yan immediately rushed forward to held her before she fall. Unintentionally, he pressed his hand onto Ruby butt and was shocked by his action. He let go of his hand and both of them fall down together. Kimchi who happened to pass by help them up.  

Chiu Yan was flustered by what happened earlier on and tried to avoid her. He was embarrassed and nervous while waiting for the lift with the two of them. It turned out that Ruby is meeting client Cao the lecher that is very wealthy. Ruby is looking for diaper to put on in order not to be taken advantage by him. Coincidentally, they met Cao at the lift and they shared the lift together. Cao sneakily squeezed Kimchi butt and laid the blame on Chiu Yan instead. Chiu Yan thought of what Gus told him earlier not to apologize when he did nothing wrong. He claimed that he did not molest Kimchi and requested to see CCTV. However, Kimchi does not want to lose a wealthy client and decided to make Chiu Yan take the blame.  

At the dinning table, Gus family members complained about Kimchi to Fun. Hilariously, Chiu Yan tried to picked up the chicken bum with a pair of chopsticks and keep dropping it. They wanted to gather powers to chase Kimchi out of the company. In a group, they marched into the office only to find out that the company is facing a big crisis now.  A group of people were waiting outside the building to demand for compensation and a sense of justice. 

Drama Review

In the first episode there was a short introduction and flashback on how the company progress through out the years and how our main leads met each other. Although it was patchy, we can sort of understand the background story.  Whereas in this episode, we were introduced Gus family members officially. We find out that Gus has a loving mother, a loser brother, a scheming auntie and a singer uncle. 

Billy and Kriby did a great job in this episode when they made their scene more interesting. Billy looked convincing as a dorky man that look "perverted" but is actually a really nice guy. Kriby also look great as a sexy woman although it seems like tvb is selling "sexiness" again to push up viewership ratings. In any case, i reckoned that Billy and Kriby tried their best as supporting actors. 

Many ladies would love to have a handsome, wise, cute, funny, kind, smart and devoted man like Gus in their live, but i surely do not wish to have a son like this. Auntie Fun love her children and was understandably upset to see her son doing all the silly stuffs for a lady that he likes. unfortunately, Kimchi took things for granted and refused to commit herself to any relationships. She only have money in her eyes and nothing else truly matters to her at this point of time. 

Sometime i do wish Gus will just leave the Pixiu (Kimchi) because she simply do not deserve his devotion, effort and time. Even Mat Yeung mentioned during an interview that he find the character he is playing (Gus) very silly. However, i need to tell myself that it is just a drama and not to get too engrossed with the characters. I really rooted for all the characters in this drama and hope everyone will have a happy ending. 

Back to the present time, Gus


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