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My Commissioned Lover Episode 1 Recap

Drama Recap

The story begins from the time frame between year 2008 to 2011 when Gus became a successful boss of a real estate agency. He created a gimmick to promote and celebrate the three years anniversary of his company. He even travelled on the street with his employees and filmed an advertisement in the bus while introducing his company in an interesting manner. 

During the promotion, Gus received a call from his younger brother. He went back home and saw his  brother (Chiu Yan) writing on the sofa. Apparently, his mother had invested money in a bank that cheated on their funds. Chiu Yan was writing on behalf of their mother to demand for compensation. On the other hand, Gus used expensive watches as a bait to motivate his employees in the company to sell more properties for the company. While his employees were having conflicts over the sales with the rival real estate agency, Gus intervened and was caught up in the fight. 

Flashback to year 1985, Gus was a lazy student that was often chased by his mother with a slipper. He thought of his younger days when he grew up being beaten up by his mother as he was unmotivated. His mother whom people called Auntie Fun raised him and his two younger siblings by herself.

Gus became a lazy construction worker and was tasked with an assignment where he was not fully paid by the previous owner of this house. In a bid for revenge, he intend to create some damage to the house. To his surprise kimchi, a real estate agent bought a client to view this house. Gus immediately hide in the cupboard. However, he was caught in a glimpse by the sharp eyes Kimchi. The potential client Cao is a wealthy lecher that love to take advantage of women. He squeeze Kimchi butt when she was distracted and denied it.

Kimchi used Gus as a tool for revenge and lied that her “boyfriend’ had caught him in the act and had filmed it in his phone. Kimchi opened the cupboard door abruptly to a visibly shocked Gus and forced a kiss on on his lips. She hinted to Gus to coordinate with her to lure the buyer to purchase the house. After the deal was established, they went separate ways. However, Gus was immediately smitten with Kimchi and was determined to succeed in life in order to win the heart of Kimchi. 

Gus had a major makeover by grooming himself and changed into a handsome young man instantly to the surprise of his mother (Fun). He stood outside of his mother shop dressed to impressed and said that he will be going for a wedding dinner tonight. Fun asked for a favor from his son to help turn down  a neighborhood gangster offer to rent a house from her. Reason being she had already sold the house to a young lady (kimchi). Gus refused to help as he is afraid of offending the gangster.

The “wedding dinner" that he was referring to was actually a meet up with Kimchi. He thought of their meeting as a date. However, Kimchi was all about business matters. Kimchi knew how to take advantage of Gus crash on her and make a deal with him to help in the renovation of the house. Through their conversation, Gus was surprised to know that the house that she was referring to was the house that his mother mentioned. 

Gus decided to intervene in this matter because of his beloved woman Kimchi. The gangster Chang Heng Ge was very angry and he will not take “no” for an answer. Gus insisted that they are not going to rent this house to him politely but he threatened to beat Gus up. Just in time, Fun came with an police officer to view the house that she was introducing to him. The house was located right in front of the house that Chang Heng Ge wanted to rent. Chang Heng Ge went all jelly when he saw the police officer and denied that he was threatening Gus. This matter was eventually resolved amicably but Fun was disappointed that he stepped in to help with her business was because of a woman. In a fit of anger, she chased Gus across the street with a slipper as what she usually do in the past.

Gus help in the renovation of her house and was overworked. kimchi came to visit Gus and draft up a business plan with him. She intend to renovate the house and later sell the house at a higher price and they will share the profit. She even promised to come by and help when she has the time. Gus was overjoyed as they became official partner and he intended to court Kimchi in the process. Hilariously Gus tattooed “kimchi” at his lower back and attempt to let Kimchi know his feelings through various poses. Unknowing to Gus Kimchi had been observing what was happening and decided to leave. 

At a soup restaurant, Kimchi fed a starving Gus as his hands were trembling due to the workload that he did for the renovation. Suddenly kimchi “boyfriend’ appeared to the dismay of Gus. They pretended to be a couple but Gus saw through their tricks and guessed that Kimchi had already seen the tattoo. He knew he was rejected romantically by Kimchi but he loves to take up the challenge to “conquer” her love. On the other hand, kimchi admitted to her good Friend Ruby that she had saw the tattoo but she did not reject Gus bruntly as she does not want to hurt his feelings. She knew that Gus had a crash on her and she wanted to make full use of his expertise. Therefore, she hired the boyfriend that Ruby introduce to her to act as her boyfriend. 

Kimchi wants to draw a line with Gus as she do not want to owe him love debt. and offer to engage another construction worker instead of working together with Guts. In a desperate attempt, Gus agreed that they will only have business relationship without any attachment. Gus offered Kimchi to join in as a share holder of his family business. They became business partner and their relationship became closer too. Back to year 2011, Gus  and Kimchi had established their company and they worked together to challenge the rival company and they succeeded in achieving their goals. It turned out their strategy worked very well. While Gus and his team were engaged in a fight with the rival company, Kimchi led another team to snatched up the real estate deals. They had a celebration dinner and Kimchi rewarded the hardworking employees with commission.  However, Kimchi was still upset that Gus gave expensive watches to motivate the staffs. Guts had a different view as he saw that as a good investment. 

Kimchi had a stroll with Ruby and happened to bumped into Gus and his younger brother on the street. . It turns out that his younger brother was dumped by his ex-girlfriend Betty as he had failed to be an accountant after so many attempts and he wanted to commit suicide. Guts was angry and taught his brother a lesson. When his brother said that he was also dumped by Kimchi, Gus said that he was not dejected like him even though he was turned down by Kimchi when he declared his love for her. Instead, he thought of it as a challenge and believed that he will succeed one day. Kimchi who was hiding behind the wall with Ruby was impressed by Gus determination. 

Gus noticed that Kimchi had troubles fitting her feet into the high heels shoes and he put them on in the office to loosen them a little so that Kimchi could wear them more comfortably. The whole company knew that he had a crash on Kimchi all these years. kimchi who was eavesdropping on the conversation was unimpressed. Suddenly, Gus mother stepped into the company with a stern look as she glance at Gus wearing a pair of high heels shoes. 

Drama Review

I love the theme song of this drama sang by Hong Kong singer Hubert. It had a heartwarming feeling and the lyrics totally fit into the drama. Back to the story line, I think some of the plot was ridiculous such as Kimchi forcing a kiss on a total stranger. Gus may be a good looking guy but what are the chances of kissing a stranger out of the blue? It was also illogical to have a devoted man like Gus waited wholeheartedly for Kimchi after so many years. Although the story line was a little over the top and at times rather dramatic, I still enjoyed the drama most of the time. 

Mat Yeung proved to be a versatile actor and he really shone in this drama as the male lead. His acting was very natural in this drama and I thought that he is really a charming and fun loving person in real life. He had many facial expressions in this drama as compared to his previous drama where he often wears the same stiff and wooden expression due to the character in the show. Therefore, it was refreshing to see Mat Yeung different acting techniques. 

It was the first time I realize that Mat Yeung has a charismatic smile. I supposed his appearance improved along with his rising popularity which was a good thing for an actor. Samantha on the other hand played a convincing character as a materialistic woman. Their chemistry as an onscreen couple was good in this drama which was a good start. 


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