Sunday, June 02, 2019

DramaQueen pick: My Commissioned Lover

Synopsis: A lazy construction worker Gus (Mat Yeung) fall in love with a beautiful real estate agent  Kimchi (Samantha Ko). Gus became motivated and work hard in his career to win kimchi heart. Kimchi is a materialistic lady that love money due to her insecurities which stem from an unpleasant childhood. 

After years of devotions, Gus touched the heart of Kimchi and they decided to get married despite the disapproval of Gus mother Chan Suk Fun (Gigi Wong). Gus has a twin brother Long Chiu Yan ( Billy Lik) who is inferior and dream of achieving his goal to be an accountant despite many failed attempts. He meet Ruby (Kirby Lam) a sexy co-worker and develop a love line. His younger sister Long Ka Yan (Roxanne Tong) is a nurse that works in a wealthy real estate owner Jing Che (Kenny Wong) hospital. They eventually fall in love but Jing Che and Kimchi used to be lovers. This leads to a complicated relationship. 

Gus and Kimchi were business partner that became lovers. Uncle Chan Chun kin (Jerry Koo) is the Feng Shui master behind the success of their company. Gus went to jail on behalf of Kimchi and met Kimchi Father Bai Luk (Henry Lo). After Gus release from prison, troubles blew and a misunderstanding caused a rift between Kimchi and Gus relationship. What will happen to this couple? 

My thoughts: Mat Yeung is a good actor that finally became a leading man in this low budget tvb drama. My commissioned lover was filmed two years ago but it had been stored in the shelf due to the fear of ratings as they were unsure if the audiences were receptive of the new idea of this drama. Thankfully, this drama replaced the other drama that starred Jacqueline Wong due to the scandal.

I was pleasantly surprised with the performance of Mat Yeung in the first episode as it was the first time I see Mat Yeung in a rather comical, dorky and charismatic character. He used to acted as a serious and stern role in his previous drama. Interestingly, Mat Yeung role as Guts is really attractive. On the other hand, Samantha resume the role that she had often played as a materialist woman.

I love the chemistry between the two leads as they were compatible in terms of appearance and they just seem so natural as an onscreen couple. Other than the promising script and the golden couple pairing, I enjoyed the chemistry of the other onscreen couple played by Kriby and Billy. They almost provided all the laugh and sexiness in the show. I am a sucker for romance comedy, hopefully this drama will provide a good laugh with all the right elements. :) 


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