Sunday, September 01, 2019

DramaQueen Pick: The Untamed


Wei Wu Xian (Xiao Zhan) and Lan Wang Ji (Wang Yi Bo) are two completely different people from two different worlds. Lan Wang Ji was born in the prominent Sect of the Gusu Lan. Due to his great achievements and reputation, he gained the title Hanguang-Jun, which means the light holder. He was seen as a hero, the role model of everyone in the cultivation world and is known to appear wherever chaos is. While Wei Wu Xian, the Yiling Patriarch, was a name that was feared by everyone. He has done many heroic things in his life, but also really cruel ones, such as killing thousands of people and even causing the death of those who saw him as family.

In the end, Wei Wu Xian was "killed", after he became too evil for the world to exist, by his best friend and only survivor of the Yunmeng Jiang Sect, Jiang Cheng, who was once like a brother to him. At least that is what the legend says. Sixteen years after his so-called “death”, Wei Wu Xian suddenly reappeared again at the Mo Village. Between the boundary of good and evil, was Wei Wu Xian really as evil as the legend says and was Lan Wang Ji really that righteous as people claim him to be? And how much of the legend is actually true?

My thoughts:
I was introduced to this Chinese period drama by a friend. The Untamed is a remake of a famous novel in China titled “Mo Dao Zhu Shi” or literally known as “Grandmaster Of Demonic Cultivation”. My friend told me that this drama series became the  hottest topic in town after it broadcasted in Mainland China. Out of curiosity, I checked up the drama and was immediately attracted to the two main characters Lan Wang Ji and Wei Wu Xian. The two main actors are currently the hottest idols in China. Their fine appearance naturally matched the story perfectly.  Both Xiao Zhan and Wang Yi Bo have their own charm and I look forward to their performance in this drama. I know there is some sensitive topic such as some sort of hint of “homosexuality” between the main characters. However, I am really curious of how they will remake this novel/ manga into a drama. I heard that the China broadcasting have some rules and regulations about what they can screen on television. Given the conservative nature of China, I wonder how the production team will challenge the taboo topic and at the same time satisfy the fans of this novel.