Friday, February 01, 2008

Attention Please

Having lost her mother at a young age and due to being raised by her three brothers, Misaki Yoko is a slightly tomboyish girl who is stubborn and straight-forward. Due to her upbringing, she prefers the company of boys over girls, resulting in her not really having a feminine side. She starts a band with 4 guy friends, becoming the band’s lead singer.As time passes by, she develops feelings for one of her friends, Tsukasa. However, one day Tsukasa has to leave town and subsequently the band as well, as he found a banking job in Tokyo. Tsukasa's impending departure is the catalyst for the band getting dissolved.

On the day of Tsukasa departure, although Yoko is unable to tell Tsukasa how she feels about him and is feeling upset, she puts a strong front and joins the rest to see Tsukasa off at the airport. When a group of air stewardesses pass by, the guys get excited and Yoko is clueless why they react that way. She reminds them that even she could wear the uniform, but the guys just laugh it away, not taking her seriously. That’s when Tsukasa comments that he wonders how she would look like in that uniform. This one phrase from Tsukasa inspires Yoko to work as an air stewardess.

And so she embarks on her adventure to attain her goal, meeting new friends and enemies, getting into sticky situations and was even on the verge of giving up her dream to be an air stewardess. Along the way, her reasons for doing so shifts to something more realistic and practical, and she starts to mature – developing into a better individual suited to be an air stewardess.

A pretty engaging story about the ups and downs of life, and the maturing of a character, with a tinge of funny, sweet and sad moments as well.


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