Friday, January 30, 2009

Boys Before Flowers

Adapted from a entitiled manga Hana Yori Dango, this has been made in Chinese, Japanese and now even a Korean version! Personally I like this one better than the other two, the Chinese version was a tad boring and the acting wasn't that great either. The Japanese version on the other hand was much better than the Chinese version, but the Korean version does a different (yet ineteresting and nice) take of the story.

The story revolves around Jan Di, an average girl whose family owns a dry-cleaning shop located near the luxurious and well-known Shin Hwa College.

While delivering some laundry to a student at the school, she inadvertently saves a student from committing suicide after he gets targeted for bullying by the schools notorious "F4" - a group of 4 boys from rich and influential familes, well-known trouble to those who speak out against them. And thus the adventures of Jan Di begins...


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