Saturday, January 31, 2009

Delightful/Sassy Girl Chun-Hyang Episode 1

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Lee Mong-ryong's father is a police officer in Seoul, ashamed of his son's ability to get into trouble constantly, he transfers to Namwon, bring Mong-ryong along. Mong-ryong gets depressed as he fails to confess to his first Chae-rin before he leaves Seoul.

In Namwon, while taking pictures, Mong-ryong meets Chung-hyang, who mistakes him for a pervert and smashes his mobile phone. In turn, he takes away her moble phone and promises to return it when she has repaired his broken phone. As a result of Mong-ryong's phone being with Chung,hyang, he misses calls from his beloved Chae-rin.

Chun-hyang is annoyed that Mong-ryong has used her phone to make long distance calls, and gives him a kick , hoping to never see him again.

Chun-hyang is a girl who works several jobs to support herself, and is an ace student, winning yet another award. She sneers at Mong-ryong when the teacher reminds him to work harder. Soon after, Mong-ryong gets into a fight with another student. Chung-hyang intervenes and provides an opportunity for Mong-ryongto make a friend.

As Chun-hyang's mother works (sings) in a nightclub, Chung-hyang gets harassed and Mong-ryong saves her. Unaware of the the incident, Chun-hyang's mother goes all out to get into Mong-ryong's father's good books, after knowing he is the new police officer in Namwon. Soon, they hear a commotion outside and realize that their children are having a fight.

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