Saturday, January 31, 2009

Delightful/Sassy Girl Chun-Hyang Episode 2

Mong-ryong's father is furious to find that his son had already found trouble, but Chung-hyang explains that Mong-ryong was merely trying to save her from being harassed. When Mong-ryong leanrs that Chung-hyang has fallen ill, after he causes Chung-hyang to fall into a lake in the midst of making fun of her, he pays her a visit.

As Chung-hyangs mother needs to perform elsewhere, Chun-hyang is left home alone. Meanwhile, a gang of rufffians steals Mong-ryong's motocycle and they set off to rob the boss of an entertainment company. When the police find Mong-ryong's motorcycle at crime scene, Mong-ryong's father assumes that his son has gotten into trouble again.

Mong-ryong ends up sleeping in a corner of Chun-hyang's yard. In the middle of the night, feeling cold, Mong-ryong stumbles into Chun-hyang's bed to keep warm.The next morning, both parents of Mong-ryong and Chyun-hyang are stunned to see their children in bed together.

Mong-ryong realizes that his motorcycle was stolen, and a robbery was commited with it. In a bid to clear his name, Chun-hyang gets more information on the robbers from the boss of the entertainment company. It turns out that the ruffians who stole Mong-ryong's motorcycle were the same ones who had fought him at the nightclub. He confronts tham and gets them arrested.

The ruffians in turn, claim that Mong-ryong is one of them. In order to clear his name, Chun-hyang admits that Mong-ryong was with her all night. Both familes decide to keep the matter under wraps.  

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