Sunday, February 01, 2009

Delightful/Sassy Girl Chun-Hyang Episode 3

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Back at school, word somehow gets out that Mong-ryong and Chung-hyang spent the night together, the students are unhappy that the principle succumbed to parental pressure to keep the matter quiet. The principle has no choice but to ask Mong-ryong and Chun-hyang to quit school.

To remedy the situation and prevent their children from having to quit school, Mong-ryong's father claims that Mong-ryong anf Chun-hyang are bethrohed to each other and will be getting married. Thus, they did not commit any imomoral act.

The principle relents and decides not to pursue the matter, whereas both Mong-ryong and Chung-hyang are devestated as they cannot stand each other. Mong-ryong's father belives that Chun-hyang is the only person who can help his son succeed in life. He sees through their plot to convince him they are too immature to settle down.

Chung-hyang's mother also encourages her daughter to agree marrying Mong-ryong as he comes from a good family. When Chung-hyang sees Chae-rin photo in Mong-ryong's pendant, she encourages him to confess to Chae-rin. Mong-ryong learns that Chae-rin will be working in Namwon, but she already has a boyfriend.

To make her mother happy, Chun-hyang agrees to marry Mong-ryong. And Mong-ryong also agrees to the match after Chae-rin rejects him.



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