Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Delightful/Sassy Girl Chun-Hyang Episode 4

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As the parents of Mong-ryong and Chung-hyang decide to hold the wedding after they have entered university, agreeing to continue supporting the couple financially in the meanwhile, Mong-ryong and Chung-hyang come to a concensus that they would remained engaged until they enter university.

Mong-ryong and Chung-hyang's friends hold an engagement party for the, but Chung-hyang leaves after witnessing the scene. Mong-ryong runs after her and tells her that he agreed to the match because Chae-rin rejected him. Chung-hyang moves into Mong-ryong's place, but they have sperate rooms.

In school, Chung-hyang does well, coming in first in the exams, and even wins an award. While Mong-ryong is punished for being late and is placed at the bottom in the exams. Chung-hyang encourges him to try and get a place within the first 200 candidates.

As Mong-ryong does not want Chung-hyang to tutor him, he asks for notes from all the top students in each subject. By doing so, the teacher assumes that he will cheat during the exam.

Chae-rin calls Mong-ryong when she is dumped by her boyfirend on her birthday, but Chung-hyang does not tell him.

When Mong-ryong manages to be in the 190th place for the next exam, the teacher suspects that he has cheated. Chung-hyang manages to prove to the school that Mong-ryong did not cheat, she even gives him a mobile accessory to encourage him. Chung-hyang is unhappy to see Mong-ryong show concern for a sick Chae-rin. Next>>

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