Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Delightful/Sassy Girl Chun-Hyang Episode 5

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While accompanying her friend to an audition, Chung-hyang meets Byeon Hak-do, CEO of a famous entertainment company. Assuming that Hak-do is a worker at the studio, she offers to help him look for props and even helps him to bargain for a better price.

Chun-hyang sees Hak-do back to the hotel and notices a drunk Mong-ryong with Chae-rin. Before she can decide whether she should wait for Mong-ryong, he calls and informs ther that he needs to take care of Chae-rin and will be home late. Chun-hyang is upset when he returns only in the morning.

Mong-ryong gets upset when Chun-hyang gets selected for the annual school play, where there will be a kissing scene with another student. At the last minute, Mong-ryong gets to play the role of the nanny, to keep an eye on Chun-hyang.

Seeing Chun-hyang hug and hold hands with another guy during the rehearsal, Mong-ryong is overwhelmed with jealousy. As Chun-hyang is in charge of props and getting the costumes for the play, she asks Hak-do for help. Hak-do decides to sponsor the performance.

When Hak-do learns that the turnout for the play is poor, he gets many artistes to turn up; the principle is grateful. It is here that Chun-hyang comes to realize that Hak-do is a big boss. During the performance, Mong-ryong accidentally tips Chun-hyang over and ends up kissing her.

Due to a misunderstanding, Hak-do thinks that Chun-hyang got close to him to get her friend, Dan-hee, who went to the audition into his company. He leaves in a rage. Chun-hyan's returns the props and asks Hak-do for a chance to be an artiste, he gets Manager Baik to handle the matter. Danji goes all out to earn 3 milion won when Manager Biak tells her that she needs that amount before he will hire her.

Mong-ryong helps Chun-hyang look for her missing purse, even though he is supposed to meet Chae-rin. Next>>

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