Friday, February 06, 2009

Delightful/Sassy Girl Chun-Hyang Episode 6

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Chae-rin discovers Mong-ryong still has the chain that she gave him years ago, and thanks him for being so nice to her. Chae-rin. Mong-ryong and Chun-hyang end up dinning together. When Chae-rin mentions that she likes Mong-ryong's mobile phone accessory, he immediately gives it to her. He asserts that Chun-hyang can easily make him another one. Chun-hyang is infuriated, so Mong-ryong has no choice ut to retrieve the accessory from Chae-rin.

Chun-hyang discovers why Dan-hee is working so hard to ean money, and confronts Hak-do. This is when Hak-do realises that Manager Baik has foiled things.

Chae-rin sees Chun-hyang and apologises about the mobile phone accessory incident, hinting that her relation with Mong-ryong goes way back and mentions the chain that she bought for him. Dan-hee tells Chun-hyang to go out with other guys to spite Mong-ryong.

Mong-ryong ends up getting into a fight wth the guys that Chun-hyang was dancing with. Hak-do tries to help and learns that Mong-ryong is her husband. Mong-ryong is unhappy when Chun-hyang priases Hak-do for being able to control the situation.

Chun-hyang does not tell Mong-ryong that it is her father's death anniversary. Thus, she is moved when rushes to be wth her after he leanrs about it from reading her dairy.

Hak-do gives Chun0hyang the accessories he has bought and encourages her to fulfil her dream, promising to buy her first piece of work. Mong-ryong is upset when Chae-rin hints that she likes him.

Chun-hyang urges Mong-ryong to work hard for the enterence exams, so that he can fulfil his dream. With her help, he manages to get into the University of Korea. She is about to tell him the good news when she sees him hugging Chae-rin. Next>>

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