Thursday, August 27, 2009

Delightful/Sassy Girl Chun-Hyang Episode 16

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Chun-hyang's mother is involved in a case of fraud. At the police station, the victims demand that Chun-hyang repay her mother's debts. Chae-rin asks Hak-do to go to the station. Mong-ryong's parents' are buffled by Hak-do's relationship with chun-hyang, and Mong-ryong tries to cover it up. Chae-rin is upset with Hak-do for not trying to break up Mong-ryong and Chun-hyang; all Hak-do wants is for Chun-hyang to stay by his side.

Chun-hyang reject's
Mong-ryong's father's offer to help her with her mother's debts. when Chun-hyang calls up the victims, she learns that Hak-do has repaid all the debts o nher behalf. She visits him, and he eventually asks her out for lunch.

Chae-rin deligbrately makes
Mong-ryong's mother see Chun-hyang with Hak-do, but Mong-ryong's father chooses to believe in Chun-hyang as he believes she loves only Mong-ryong.

Mong-ryong goes to look for Chun-hyang's mother, but ends up becoming a slave to Chun-hyang's grandmother. Chun-hyang rushes to his rescue, and subsequently they have a good time.

Back in Seoul,
Mong-ryong's mother wants him to leave Chun-hyang as she suspects chun-hyang having an affair with Hak-do. Mong-ryong's father, on the other hand, mistakenly assumes that chun-hyang is pregnant and orders Mong-ryong to take good care of Chun-hyang. Mong-ryong is overjoyed when his father orders him to do so.

Mong-ryong's father soon discovers that he was mistaken and that Chun-hyang was not pregnant; he is disappointed.

Chae-rin takes pictures of Chun-hyang's designs and sells them, causing Chun-hyang to be in trouble with the company. Chun-hyang rejects Hak-do's offer of help and urges him not to look her up.

To help Chun-hyang,
Mong-ryong suggests that she sell her goods online. Business is brisk, and Chun-hyang manages to earn enough money for the compensation.



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