Thursday, September 10, 2009

Delightful/Sassy Girl Chun-Hyang Episode 17 (Final)

Delightful/Sassy Girl Chun-Hyang > Episode 17 [Watch it]
With the intention of returning the money, Chun-hyang asks Hak-do out. Hak-do mistakenly assumes that Chun-hyang wants to celebrate his birthday. Mong-ryong’s friends also misunderstood the situation and informed him of their meeting. However, Mong-ryong asserts that he trusts Chun-hyang.

Hak-do is disappointed when Chun-hyang returns him the money and tells him that they should keep a distance from each other in the future. Back at the shop, Chun-hyang goes out for dinner with Mong-ryong. A jealous Hak-do tries to hold her back. She feels bad when she realizes that it is Hak-do’s birthday.

Mong-ryong brings Chun-hyang home to visit his parents. Chun-hyang agrees to Mong-ryong’s father’s proposal to hold a proper wedding ceremony. Chae-rin manages to get hold of the invitation card and makes Hak-do vow to possess Chun-hyang by all means necessary.

Hak-do flaunts his abilities and wealth, making Mong-ryong feel so inferior that he decides to stdy hard so that he can provide well for Chun-hyang.

At the bridal studio, Chun-hyang gets a premonition when she breaks a photo frame. Mong-ryong discovers that Hak-do has placed many orders online for Chun-hyang’s goods. He goes to confront Hak-do, but ends up getting accused of molest by a starlet. Mong-ryong’s father goes by the book and assures Chun-hyang that he will get to the bottom of the case.

Knowing that his son was being framed, Mong-ryong’s father helps him escape. As a result, Mong-ryong’s father has to leave the police force as a consequence. Chun-hyang attends to Mong-ryong’s mother, who has fallen ill. Seeing how upset Mong-ryong’s mother is, Chae-rin urges Hak-do to give Chun-hyang up, but he refuses.

Chae-rin informs Chun-hyang that Hak-do was the one that framed Mong-ryong, so as to force her to return to his side. Hak-do admits to Chun-hyang that he did everything for her sake. If also tells her that if he releases the video recording, Mong-ryong will be found guilty. Mong-ryong confronts the starlet who accused him of molest.

When Mong-ryong gets hospitalized, Chun-hyang decides to choose Hak-do, in order for Mong-ryong to clear his name and carry on with his life. Hak-do tells the starlet to change her testimony. When Mong-ryong is released, his parents and friends are waiting for him. He buys a cake, wanting to celebrate with Chun-hyangt, but she tells him she wants to break up with him and leaves with Hak-do.

Mong-ryong learns that his father lost his job because of him, and he guesses that Hak-do was behind the incident. He confronts Hak-do and is upset when Chun-hyang asserts that she trusts Hak-do. He is even more miserable when she tells him that she wants to divorce him. Hak-do gives Chun-hyang the necklace that he bought for her and tells her that he will bring her to Japan after their engagement.

However, Chun-hyang learns that it was Mong-ryong who bought her the necklace previously. Mong-ryong tries in vain to stop Chun-hyang from getting engaged to Hak-do. But when she makes it clear she loves Hak-do, Mong-ryong agrees to sign the divorce papers.

Chun-hyang closes her shop and returns the money to Mong-ryong’s parents. On the plane to Japan, Chun-hyang tells Hak-do that she is going to the washroom. But in reality, she leaves after handing a letter and the necklace to an air stewardess. Hak-do rushes out after her but is unable to find her. He decides to keep silent on Chun-hyang’s disappearance and continue to Japan as originally planned.

Chae-rin urges Mong-ryong to respect Chun-hyang’s decision. She too is determined to forget him by going overseas to study. Mong-ryong hopes to forget everything by going back to his old hometown.

Years pass and Mong-ryong has graduated, becoming a public prosecutor. He gets to meet Chun-hyang after so long of not being to get over her, and their love is rekindled….. [Watch it]


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