Saturday, September 12, 2009

Korea do a remake of "Itazura na Kiss" Flower Boy, Lee Min Ho is the most popular choice

Source Ent Hunan TV
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Joe Cheng and Ariel Lin starred in "It started with a kiss" a remake version of "Itazura na Kiss", it has been viewed that this was an example of a successful remake. Reporters have found out that the creators of the Korean drama "Boys over Flowers" will announce that they will be doing a remake of "Itazura na Kiss", at present they are looking for cast members, the netizens one after the other recommended "Boys before Flower" Lee Min Ho with his popularity at present extremely high.

Joe Cheng and Ariel Lin's version "It started with a kiss", they had only intended on shooting one, but they never of expected that such an old storyline would trigger explosive ratings, soon after the director decided to continue shooting "They kiss again", this has also been named a rare success story for a remake drama. The reporters saw in forums of "Itazura na Kiss" a lot of fans from "It started with a kiss" had also paid attention to the Japanese version and had a huge debate over whether Joe Cheng or Kashiwabara Takashi was more handsome, "I had watched the Taiwanese version 1st and really liked it, then I found the Japanese version to watch. I never of thought the so called "the 1st impression is the strongest" had no effect what so ever. After seeing Chong Chong (Kashiwabara Takashi) I felt the Taiwanese version wasn't that attractive, at most it was a bit more funny."

Currently, Korea's "Boys before flower" creator has also announced they will do a remake of "Itazura na Kiss", at present they are looking for cast members, In "Boys before Flower" in the Korean version starring as "Domyoji" Lee Min Ho has been demanded the most. While the other male cast members of "Boys before flowers" each had their own supporters. While for female lead Kotoko the most popular choices were Goo Hye Sun and Kim So Eun.


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