Thursday, January 21, 2010

Finishes Filming; Show Luo and Rainie Yang Not Looking Good

Source: China Times
Translation: endlessjoy @

Show Luo and Rainie Yang kisses out ratings; in just 1.5 hours, they kissed 4 times, allowing the ratings for CTS to increase. However, when finishing the very last scene in Kaohsiung and celebrating Director Lin He Lung’s birthday, they did not look too happy. It’s because they were filming and preparing for their new albums at the same time; in the end, in just 3 days, they finished filming 4 episodes. Everyday they only slept for 3 hours; so tired that they were unable to even smile.

In , the mushroom head, under-bite Da Lang who Show acted out is very popular, but for this character, he has to wear the wig and protrude his jaw for a very long time; so long that it caused his head skin to have inflammation and his jaw to be in pain. Though, the toughest and most painful part should be that this drama started filming in the summer and finishes in the winter, but the storyline is from the winter to the summer. The longer they filmed, the more painful it was. Show had to wear thick winter clothing in the summer time, and then he had to jump into water in the cold winter. He joked that towards the end when he sees the script, he will shiver first. Fortunately, the drama finally finished filming.

The story of the drama went into a turn recently. Rainie went from a mean, violent girl to a sweet radio DJ. While, Show changed from a dorky nerd (Da Lang) into a handsome guy (Xue Hai). All the fans were saying, “Show becoming handsome will make the ratings go up even more.”


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