Saturday, May 01, 2010

Jiro Wang stranded in Holland, hopes to fly home as soon as possible

Source: Yahoo TW, UDN, Xin Min
Translated by catalie @

Jiro Wang who went to Amsterdam, Holland to do some photoshoots for his art photobook, was supposed to be back in Taiwan April 19 but due to the volcanic eruption in Iceland, he has been forced to stay in Holland. Luckily Jiro is a very optimistic guy because he won't be able to take a flight home until Friday at the earliest. Due to too many tourists left stranded in Europe as a result of the eruption, food and accomodation costs have trebled, with a crew of over 10 people in Holland, it's expected that they will have to spend an extra $NT1.5 million.

Besides this, the meteorological office of South Korea has predicted that the volcanic ash will reach the Korean Peninsula and China's north/east on April 20. In regards to the weather in Taiwan, the weather bureau has expressed that the chance of the volcanic ash affecting Taiwan shouldn't be very big.

Not knowing when he'll be back, many fans have been very worried even communicating online with fans from Europe, trying to find out whether Jiro is okay. Artist Jiro Wang, "Hello everyone, I'm tourist Da Dong. Originally I was going to return to Taiwan but have a look behind me."

The entire airport was empty, there weren't even any workers at the counter. Originally Jiro was going to return to Taiwan on April 19 but due to the volcanic eruption in Iceland, he has become stranded. Jiro Wang: "But I'm still fine you see, full of energy, full of energy." However, the filial Jiro mentioned that he does miss his mother. As soon as he found out he had to stay an extra 5 days, he rang home to let his mother know that he was okay.

The delayed flight back home has caused Jiro and his hair and make-up artists' other work to be postponed as well so nobody has the mood to spend their time having fun. Each day they come to the airport, hoping that they can return to Taiwan soon.

Jiro said that the only thing he can do is take advantage of this time to finish the writing and drawing for his art photobook. The purpose of his trip was to draw inspiration from Vincent Van Gogh's homeland and art gallery while also seeing the windmills and taking in the beautiful landscapes Holland has to offer. Looking from another perspective, this situation can be seen as a very special experience. He hopes that when the time comes, he will be able to bring more stories for his fans through his writing.


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