Saturday, May 01, 2010

Nana Manga Creator Ai Yazawa Returns from Hospital

NANA manga creator Ai Yazawa revealed in the May 4 issue of Kobunsha's Josei Jishin magazine that she returned home in early April from the Tokyo hospital where she was being treated for an unspecified serious illlness. She had put her NANA manga last summer due to the sudden illness. However, she said that she has not gripped a pen once since her illness, and revealed that she does not know when or if she will return to working again.

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  1. I wish that Ai Yazawa will get well soon. If your reading this Ai Yazawa we would want you to know that we really love the way you put together this manga. We hope that you can return to your work pretty soon. We really love you. From your Fans :)