Monday, August 09, 2010

JaeBum, “My comments on Korea, they were not from my heart”

JaeBum, who left 2PM after criticisms of his MySpace comments blew out of proportions last August, talks honestly about it after returning to Korea after 10 months.

JaeBum was featured for an interview held in a studio in Seoul HanNamDong on KBS 2TV Entertainment Weekly on 4th August.

On the show, JaeBum talks about the criticisms as well as his honest feelings, “I am very sorry. The stuff that I wrote when I am still young and things that I wrote without much thought had cause hurt to so many people, I’m sorry about that. I want to say that those are not from my heart.”

JaeBum also talked about his feelings having to leave 2PM permanently and his thoughts about the other 2PM members. He said, “After I returned to Korea, I have not contacted the other 2PM members. I feel sorry towards the other members.”

During the interview, JaeBum also revealed some rap which he has been working on, as well as some of the plans he had for his entertainment industry comeback.

He also talked about his new song ‘Count On Me’ which is doing well up on music charts, “This was just a song for fans, and I was shocked that the response for it was better than expected,” relaying his gratitude to fans. Recently, JaeBum had signed with entertainment agency sidusHQ for his entertainment industry comeback on 16th July.

The show will air on 7th August at 9.05pm.

S: TVDaily + kbites


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